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Evansville Day School is the only independent school in the tri-state area.  Day School is self-governing and self reliant.  This independence gives the professional educators at Evansville Day School the ability to tailor a curriculum to the needs of each individual student and allows for the free-flow of ideas and creativity unlike any other school in the area.  Evansville Day School welcomes applicants from age 3 through grade 12 to discover why the unique Evansville Day School community is creating the future leaders of tomorrow who are resilient, balanced, globally-minded, entrepreneurial learners.

Independent. Established through passion and vision in 1946 as the only independent school in the region, Day School is free to design unique programs and experiences focused on what each student learns and, more importantly, what he or she becomes.

Bold. Our focus is creating balanced, resilient, globally minded, entrepreneurial learners. As a result, our students excel academically while developing the “futureproof” skills they need to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Rewarding. In addition to 100% college placement, each graduating senior earns, on average, $250,000 in scholarship money. Day School students also benefit from a ground-breaking, challenging curriculum and an alumni network made up of local and global leaders.

Discover Why.