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The Arts

Primary School Performing Arts

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program for the Primary School will engage students directly in the artistic process, thereby encouraging students to visually communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas. Our art classes promote artistic exploration and a sense of discovery by invoking our local environment, our global society, and each individual student’s personal identity. Art students will study and interface with various elements of art, including an abundance of techniques and media, as well as a broad landscape of historical and cultural achievements. As they work, students will engage in both individual and group critiques, and through their creative work, they will strengthen their fine motor and communication skills, as well as their critical thinking. Our art curriculum promotes creativity while honing and developing craftsmanship with an eye toward celebrating the artist in each and every student.


Everyone at Evansville Day School is a musician, and this philosophy guides our Primary School music program as we develop and enhance student skills and music appreciation. Students in Junior Pre-K through Grade Four perform, create, and respond to music through singing, movement, playing instruments, composing, and studying various musical styles and forms. This hands-on approach allows students to experience and master basic musical concepts. Use of electronic keyboards with the Yamaha Music in Education curriculum strengthens the ability of all students, allowing them to experiment with musical sounds, composition, and musical collaboration.  Click here for a message from our Music Instructors.

Creative Dramatics

Creative Dramatics nurtures each child’s creative and expressive potential, and our Primary School program provides each student with first-hand dramatic experience. By encouraging students to make expressive use of body and voice, our studies allow us to emphasize spatial awareness and cooperation, as well as focus and concentration. In the spring, students in Grades One through Four stage mini-productions featuring movement, costumes, memorized lines and music before a live audience of family and friends.


Middle School Performing Arts

Visual Arts

At every level, the visual arts program at Evansville Day School provides students with the opportunity to engage with a variety of art-making skills, to enhance critical-thinking abilities by developing and expressing creativity, and to become actively aware, critical observers of their visual environment. Students in the Middle School will explore the visual communication of thoughts and ideas by creating unique works of art. Our instructors rely on the power of visual art to assist with the development of students’ ability to express the self in context with the world around them. Students have the opportunity to give back to their local and global communities via their artwork, to explore in ever-increasing depth a variety of art-making media, and to tackle difficult aesthetic problems through their art projects.


In General Music classes in the Middle School, students continue to use the Yamaha Music in Education curriculum. All students are encouraged to participate in our choral and/or instrumental ensembles. The choral program highlights music from a mix of time periods and styles, and enables students to develop good choral technique, self-respect and self-discipline. Students in the choral program develop group and organizational skills by working with others toward a common goal. The goal of the instrumental program is to acquaint students with a wide variety of music and to develop listening and analytical skills while performing on an instrument. Public performance opportunities for participating students include the ISSMA solo and ensemble contests, and the Circle the State With Song choral festival.

Creative Dramatics

EDS seeks to nurture each child’s creative and expressive potential, and our Middle School drama program offers a variety of opportunities for participating students.

  • Fifth Grade: present a fall play

  • Sixth Grade: write and record an original script for an old time radio show

  • Seventh Grade: write and video tape an original “fractured fairy tale”


Upper School Performing Arts

Visual Arts

In each course, the visual arts program at Evansville Day School provides students with the opportunity to learn and master art-making skills, enhance critical-thinking abilities by developing and expressing creativity, and become actively aware, critical observers of their visual environment. Students might learn to throw pots on a ceramics wheel, master composition in photography, explore human proportions through drawing and painting, design a new logo for a local business, or envision original forms via sculpture. Courses in the Upper School are offered on a rotating schedule to offer students a wide variety of choices and opportunities.


The music program in the Upper School is designed to further develop students’ skills in vocal and instrumental music. Instrumental (band, flute, strings) and vocal performing ensembles stress the development of skills, technique, musicianship and ensemble awareness through a musical literature covering many different styles and periods. Students participating in the ISSMA solo and ensemble contests consistently perform well at both the district and state level.


Upper School students may choose to participate in an after-school drama production in a variety of areas, including:

  • Acting

  • Student director

  • Sound/lighting

  • Costuming/make-up

  • Set construction