Broadcast Journalism


The broadcasting class requires students to write, direct, and edit a biweekly news program to be viewed by the EDS community through the EDS News You Tube channel and via the EDS web page.   Students cover events in all three divisions at Evansville Day School.  Some time outside of class is required for students to obtain footage of school events and conduct interviews.   Students actively work in front of the camera as well as behind the camera in order to learn all aspects of producing a fun and informative school news program.  The broadcasting class is a one semester course with the option of a second semester upon approval of the course instructor.


The broadcast journalism class requires students to research, write, direct, edit and conduct interviews for a documentary on a local business or historical site.  Students also produce several short feature stories about issues affecting teens today which involves interviewing fellow classmates to get their opinions on the issues.  Topics include the positive and negative impact of social media, homework load, extracurricular activities, SAT and ACT testing, video gaming, body image and the pressure to get into college.  The feature story topics are driven by student interest with the freedom to explore new topics as new issues become relevant. 


In digital film class students learn the basics of making digital short films.  Developing a theme, writing a script, storyboarding, camera techniques and editing are all be covered as students produce their own digital short film.