COVID-19 Support

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many changes to life, including how we carry out our commitment to educating our students while caring for their social and emotional needs. Families can access COVID-19 related information on this webpage. Please check back as we update based on changes in the community. As of August 12, 2020, Evansville Day School is operating with Level 3 protocols in place. 


The 2020-21 School Year

We believe the ability to be flexible and nimble in our response to the challenges ahead is paramount. As such, we have created a 4 Level Plan (linked below) to allow for movement between varying degrees of precautions as risk factors change in our community. Head of School Kevin Kunst recently communicated these plans to our internal community, and we hosted a webinar for families on July 22 to answer additional questions. Evansville Day School opened on August 12th as scheduled with Level 3 protocols in place. For those families who prefer or need remote or synchronous learning accommodations throughout the school year, please contact your classroom teacher.  

COVID-19 4 Levels

Medical Policies during COVID-19

How Positive Cases Are Handled

At Home Symptom Self-Screening

Integrated Learning Options for 2020-21

Social Emotional Learning at EDS


Integrated Learning at EDS

One thing that remains consistent is that the physical and emotional well-being of our school community is primary to our mission. Our learning structure supports flexibility and differentiation to support all learners. Our commitment remains strong in providing a developmentally appropriate academic experience for each child. EDS faculty will continue to connect frequently with students and parents and engage in regular assessments of the balance of instruction that will challenge and inspire our students. 

During the time of COVID-19, EDS students will be able to fully integrate with the classroom experience using a blend of in-person learning, virtual platforms, recorded video, and/or online synchronous learning tools. We have upgraded our learning management systems to streamline communication between students and faculty and have invested in high tech AV equipment in all Primary, Middle, and Upper School classrooms to allow for a seamless flow between In-Person, Synchronous, and Remote Learning. For more information about EDS's Integrated Learning program please read our material Integrated Learning Options for 2020-21.


Social Emotional Learning

Emotional intelligence is critical for lifelong happiness, successful careers, and healthier relationships. We understand that students with strong social-emotional skills are better able to manage daily challenges, build positive relationships, and make informed decisions. EDS students develop these core life skills that will empower them to be effective contributors in the classrooms, workplaces, and communities. Our team of counselors provides one-on-one social-emotional support for students in grades K-8 and faculty mentorship and guidance in the Upper School. For more information about our SEL program, read our handout on Social Emotional Learning.