COVID-19 Updates


2021-22 COVID-19 Information

Evansville Day School continues to monitor the local situation with regard to COVID-19. We believe that the ability to be flexible and nimble in our response to the challenges of COVID-19 is paramount. The information below is based on what we currently know and is subject to change as new information is provided.


Helpful Resources for Families

At Home Symptom Self-Screening

EDS Medical Policies (Updated Aug. 2021)


Remote Learning

In the event we need to spend a period of time providing remote instruction, Evansville Day School will allow students to move forward with curriculum using virtual platforms, recorded video, and/or online synchronous learning tools that have appropriate features to ensure online security. One thing that remains consistent is that the physical and emotional well-being of our school community is our primary focus. Our learning structure supports flexibility and differentiation to support all learners. Our commitment remains strong in providing a developmentally appropriate academic experience for each child. 



Family Roles and Responsibilities

  • Establish routines and expectations with and for your child(ren).

  • Assist your child(ren) in identifying and preparing a quiet, clutter-free space where they can give their full attention to their work.

  • Review all emails from your child(ren)’s advisers and teachers. 

  • Regularly check grades and assignments posted on Canvas. (Middle & Upper School)

  • Help your child(ren) plan their work for the day and check in periodically to keep them focused and on task.

  • Provide regular opportunities for outdoor play and/or exercise.

  • Remain mindful of your child(ren)’s physical and emotional health.

  • As necessary, help your child(ren) log on to online classes and submit materials.

  • Report your child(ren)’s illness and absences to the school.

  • Communicate with your child(ren)’s teachers should there be challenges and/or concerns.