Junior PK (Age 3) through Grade 12


  • Located on 40 wooded acres
  • Outdoor trails provide unique opportunities for learning
  • Primary School Innovation Library featuring the Epic Lego Wall, Mac Broadcasting Lab, Three Computer Labs
  • Sieboldt Innovation Lab (a design-thinking studio)


Students:  304
Countries:  30
Pre-School:  42
Primary School:  112
Middle School:  80
Upper School:  70
Boys:  47%
Girls:  53%


  • 46 Teaching Faculty
  • Small class sizes with 8:1 student to teacher ratio
  • Passions and talents of faculty inspire new courses, co-curricular and cross-divisional opportunities

Preschool/Primary Division

  • Introduction of Global Languages in JPK (age 3)
  • Specialty teachers in PE, library, science, technology, global language, art, music, creative dramatics
  • Classes choose philanthropic projects to benefit local community agencies

Middle School Division

  • Global Language required
  • Music Education, Keyboarding, Creative Dramatics, Visual Arts required
  • Advanced Core Curriculum
  • Hybrid Learning Consortium Online Classes
  • Instrumental Music, Choir offered
  • Off-site Retreats for students to build leadership qualities
  • Bring Your Own Device

​Upper School Division

  • College preparatory with emphasis on critical thinking
  • Full-time College Counselor on campus
  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Technology, and Speech required
  • Course opportunities include AP, Dual Credit, Off campus, Hybrid Learning Consortium
  • Research Papers required of all graduates
  • Bring Your Own Device
  • 83% of graduates accepted to first choice college
  • Average of $240,000 per student in scholarship money annually
  • Athletic participation open and encouraged in fall, winter and spring sports