Evansville Day School provides a unique learning experience for students to earn high school credit through four separate mini courses offered each quarter. 

These courses are not ones you would typically find on a high school transcript. For example, in the current quarter, students have the choice of Bollywood, Wolf Ecology, Graphic Novels, and Music History. Students choose their preferred courses via a Google Form with each course and its description. A 90-minute block in the weekly schedule is set aside to accommodate the mini courses as part of the regular curriculum.

“Mini courses enhance EDS's Upper School curriculum by providing additional elective offerings across the academic disciplines. These courses provide an excellent opportunity for students and teachers to build lasting and powerful relationships as they connect with topics of interest,” says Holly Ziemer, Head of Middle and Upper Schools. The mini courses offer personalized learning experiences for students that allow them to explore subjects of interest that they would not receive from a more traditional curriculum. 

Additionally, EDS is actively seeking “to leverage community partnerships through offering some mini courses led by outside instructors,” says Ziemer. As the mini courses progress, Day School hopes to work with local professionals in a variety of fields to expand the scope of course offerings. 

Adeleine Halsey, `21