February 4, 2021

Friends of EDS

February 4, 2021

Meeting Minutes-Virtual Zoom Meeting



In attendance:  Niki Traylor, Laura Goulbourne,  Robin Renschler,  Holly Ziemer, Tammy Kleeman-Dillback, Leah Whitaker, Misty Eastep,  Coleen Scholer,   Anna Palmer, Shannon Dierlam, Katie Omohundro, Beverly Brockman, Chris Brockman, Bill James



Niki Traylor brought the meeting to order at 5:01 PM starting with a game and then consent items:

  • Previous meeting minutes were approved
  • Shannon made a motion, second by Anna



Treasurer’s Report: 

  • $44.35 was paid for registration of Fall Festival trailer
  • $60 was spent for sign for Mr. Kunst’s birthday
  • $3540.18 was spent for teachers’ holiday gifts and stocking workrooms



Volunteer Appointments:

  • President
  • Vice president
  • Treasurer
  • MS Room parent coordinator



Department Updates:


Primary School

  • Portfolio Conferences are not going to occur this year due to COVID restrictions, however the school is sending home pieces of the children’s portfolios for the parents to see
  • Tuesday was “Global Day of Play” and children brought play items from home to their classrooms    
  • Primary school is planning for Intersession

-Done by grade level

-Community service


Upper School

  • Teachers are grateful for Friends stocking workrooms
  • 2/16/2021 us Blue and Gold Mardi Gras Day
  • 3/5-3/7/2021 is Boys High School basketball  sectionals

-planning on Spirit Week prior to

  • Making Intersession plans

-Surveying students for ideas

-Majority of events will be held on campus due to COVID restrictions

  • Clue the Musical will be performed in April
  • Currently making end of year plans
  • -Graduation will be held on campus in the gym


Middle School

  • 2/10/2021 will be hot chocolate and donut day

-Sponsored by MS SLS

  • Experiential Education Week 3/17-3/19/2021
  • Activities include spring fling with a Hawaiian theme and Penn Station



  • Karen and Amanda are giving tours to perspective parents/students
  • Amanda is working on marketing pieces and reformatting website
  • Leah has recently put the school magazine “to bed”
  • Planning Gala

-Potential date of 5/8/2021

-Hoping to have on campus outdoors to allow for better social distancing

-Asking for assistance on planning, obtaining silent auction items, and helping with event itself




  • Looking Back

-Restocked teachers’ workrooms

-Provided teachers’ lunches

-Provided “Holidays Reimagined” theme to teachers during the Holidays


  • Present
  • -Mardi  gras teacher surprises

-Talk to 10 Challenge:  Encourage parents to talk to 10 people/families about EDS

-Darlins and Dates virtual dance party 2/27/2021:  Theme to be determined



  • Looking  forward

-Teacher Appreciation Week 3/8-3/12/2021:  Would like to postpone until April and utilize a day each week for the entire month

-Spring flower sale in April

-Virtual Book Fair 5/3-5/7/2021

Gala 5/8/2021



Fund Requests

  • Leah requested $500 for “Mystic Art”

-Pop up gallery of mask art brought to the school by an artist from Bloomington of mythical creatures to be featured in the atrium

-Motion approved


  • Mrs. Ziemer voiced the possible need for funds for the middle to potentially bring Camp Carson on campus with further details made available in the future

-Niki let her know that last year’s Trivia Night’s money was designated for middle school and upper school activities with $3, 325 left in the budget


The next meeting is scheduled for March 4, 2021 at 5:00pm.  Meeting adjourned 5:52pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Laura Goulbourne

EDS Friends Secretary