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Global CARdboard Challenge

Evansville Day School is abuzz with preparations for the upcoming Global Cardboard Challenge.  This year's theme is "Day School Drive-in: Global CARdboard Challenge".  Students are designing, creating, and decorating automobiles out of carboard boxes.  The event will culminate in a drive-in movie on Thursday, October 8 in the Traylor Atrium at 2 pm.  The students will sit in their "cars" and watch the movie Cars 2 while enjoying popcorn and other snacks.  

The Global Cardboard Challenge was inspired by 9 year-old Caine Monroy who spent a summer building an elaborate arcade out of cardboard in his father's used auto-parts store.  Read more about the boy who turned an idea into a movement by clicking here.  To date, over 250,000 children in over 60 countries have participated in the Global Cardboard Challenge.  Last year, Day School students collaborated on a variety of cardboard creations, including a sinking Titanic complete with an iceberg.

For more information on Day Schools event, click here.