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Global Connections and Experiences at EDS

Traveling abroad is always a strong desire and passion for Evansville Day School students, families, and teachers alike. Whether the international travel is with our families, or within an educational program, it can be challenging, but also rewarding in many ways. 

In today’s high-tech and fast paced world, geographic borders disappear. In the classroom we Skype with students in Puerto Rico, we watch and learn about world events, we email to China, chat, tweet or even share YouTube videos instantly. The skills that we develop by interacting with others across several cultures are becoming increasingly valuable. At EDS we value globally minded education and strive to provide opportunities for our students to become engaged, productive global citizens. Since our student body represents over 30 countries and cultures, our students interact and immerse themselves not only in language acquisition, but also in understanding and appreciating foreign cultures while gaining transferrable skills that have value in a wide range of areas. 

Outside of the classroom, our students participate in foreign language academic bowl competitions, the IU foreign language honor’s study abroad program in France and Spain, or gain global leadership student service experiences in Cost Rica. Additionally, we offer international intersession in Upper School and family summer international travel experiences around the world. Through this rich international education tradition, our students stand out in foreign language acquisition, communication, cultural understanding, and self-directed learning, community-building and contributing to social cohesion. 

This summer, our families learned the benefits of international educational travel, first hand, while we explored several cities in Spain. We embarked on a fun adventure while experiencing the many faces and rich history of Spain. From Catalonia to Zaragoza, Toledo and the heart of Madrid, we learned about Spanish art, history, geography, religion, government and the economy. We ate lots of tapas, paella and even learned the steps of Flamenco. Our students became more comfortable being away from home, they learned how to adapt to different environments, became more confident learning about different cities and being independent while navigating in a totally different country. Most importantly, we all created new friendships with other travelers and shared our life-changing experiences of traveling abroad while making special connections that we hope to cherish for many years to come.


Interested in next year’s family international trip? We are planning our new adventure to Budapest, Hungary and Transylvania, Romania for the summer of 2019. Contact Anna Newton, global languages department chair, for details about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore Central and Eastern Europe with our EDS family.

Middle School group travels to Spain for cultural enrichment