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Hybrid Learning Consortium

Evansville Day School is excited to announce our partnership with the Hybrid Learning Consortium (HLC). Founded at Barstow School in Kansas City, HLC is a growing “collective of independent schools around the world developing online courses.” Through a broad catalog of blended and online courses, students benefit from small classes, independent school rigor, global connections, and preparation for distance learning, which is increasingly utilized in college and beyond.
Schools and colleges have been participating in online learning for several years, in many formats, and for a variety of reasons. The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), of which Day School is a proud member, has been researching and discussing online learning (often called hybrid/blended learning) since 2010. NAIS increasingly encourages and supports their schools to find innovative ways to offer quality online learning as a complement to their campus programming. Many of our peer schools, from Park Tudor in Indianapolis, to Louisville Collegiate, to MICDS in St. Louis, have been members of an online learning consortium since 2011.
Evansville Day School has considered online learning for years. As we address ISACS Community Survey feedback suggesting we should focus on “expanding variety of class offerings,” and given our increased use of and comfort with technology, this is an ideal time to add online learning to Day School’s long list of forward-thinking programs.
As with each new initiative at Evansville Day School, we have thoughtfully proceeded to make a well-informed decision. We have spent several months considering different options and have spoken with several groups and independent schools involved in online learning. For many reasons, including financial considerations, flexibility, and positive feedback from other member schools, we have selected the HLC. The recent online survey for Middle and Upper School parents and students affirmed our belief that this is a tremendous opportunity for our students, a terrific professional development option for our faculty, and an important step forward for Day School.
Warm Regards,
Jarin Jaffee
Head of School