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Hybrid Learning Consortium

Evansville Day School is proud to partner with the Hybrid Learning Consortium (HLC). Founded at Barstow School in Kansas City, HLC is a growing “collective of independent schools around the world developing online courses.” Through a broad catalog of blended and online courses, students benefit from small classes, independent school rigor, global connections, and preparation for distance learning, which is increasingly utilized in college and beyond.

Upper School students interesting in taking an HLC class should be performing in their required classes to the expectation of the classroom teacher. They must also first enroll in the classes needed for graduation. The course is recorded on the EDS transcript and included in the GPA calculation.

Middle School students must also be performing to the expectations of their teachers. They may enroll in an HLC course as a “supplement” to their other course load. A study hall dedicated to the HLC may not be assigned due to the student’s schedule.