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Legence Bank Merit Scholarship

Legence Bank is partnering with Evansville Day School to invest in student success! One new Evansville Day School student in grade 9 through 12 can now earn a generous, merit-based tuition assistance package up to 90% of their tuition!  One Legence Bank Merit recipient will be selected per year.

The scholarship will be available to the recipient for the entirety of his/her Day School Upper School experience. The deadline to apply for the Legence Bank Merit Scholarship is April 1. 2020.    

To apply for the Legence Bank Merit Scholarship, please complete the following:


STEP ONE: Finalize the Evansville Day School admissions process and be accepted for admission. The admissions process includes:

  • Submit a completed Application for Admission to Evansville Day School
  • Complete Evansville Day School admission testing
  • Provide a current school transcript
  • Complete an in-person interview with the Evansville Day School admissions committee
  • Complete a classroom visit at Evansville Day School
  • Provide 2 teacher recommendations

STEP TWO: Complete the Legence Bank Merit Scholarship application 


Guidelines for applying:

  • Student must be accepted for admission at Evansville Day School prior to applying for the scholarship
  • The Legence Bank Merit Scholarship application, including the essay portion, must be completed solely by the student who is applying
  • Student must maintain academic requirements to continue to receive the scholarship

Start the application process now and take your first step toward future success!