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October Class Notes

Class of 1980

Shortly after this year’s reunion weekend, Kerry married John Bennett. The couple lives in Indianapolis where Kerry is legal counsel at the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Congratulations on all your success, Kerry!

Class of 1981

Stacy Stevens was honored at October’s Indiana Commercial Real Estate Exchange with the award, Commercial Transaction of the Year 2014, and Office Top Performer 2014.

Class of 1989

Josh Goldstein was featured in the Wall Street Journal this past September for his work in collage and street art. Goldstein, a former emcee and rapper turned artist and architect, lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife, Rachel, and their two children, Talia and Pazia. Josh's work is available on his website,  Way to go, Josh!

Class of 1990

Nathan Kent has been living in western Kentucky since graduating from Indiana University in 1994. Nate is married, with three teenage children. He retired last year, and is now a happy house husband and amateur golfer.

Class of 1995

Erin Wilson (McLaughlin) now lives in Logan, Utah, with her husband and two boys, Alistair (8) and William (5).  Erin’s husband is a pastor and she works as head teacher in a preschool.