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Overcoming Kryptonite

On International Day of Peace (September 21), Primary School students paraded through the school with their pinwheels for peace. Leading up to the day, Primary School Innovation & Library Coordinator, Sarah Brooks, presented the concept of peace to students in a thoughtful and creative way. First, she read stories about peace to the students including, Happy DreamerSalam Alaikum, and The Great Peace March, showing that the journey toward peace is about hard work and overcoming obstacles.

Using those stories as inspiration, Mrs. Brooks then had students draw their “superpowers for peace” and the “kryptonite,” or personal obstacle that prevents them from achieving their potential, on a piece of paper.

On the back side of that paper, Mrs. Brooks had already written out the Portrait of a Graduate skills: balance, resilience, global mindedness, and entrepreneurial learning. As the students began cutting and folding their pages into pinwheels, the message became clear. The sections of paper containing their superpowers and the POG skills, ended up on the topside of the pinwheels, while the kryptonite sections were hidden from view. Students immediately understood that working for peace requires more than superpowers. It requires a set of skills, and the willingness to focus on personal strength instead of the obstacles ahead.

Following the Peace Day & Pinwheels Parade, PS students celebrated peace by singing songs, and listening the word "peace" spoken in a different languages from classmates with international heritage.

Reflecting on the outcome of the day, Mrs. Brooks says, “I am thankful to teach alongside wonderful colleagues, many of whom contributed to the day, students, and families, who understand the importance and value in acknowledging and celebrating days like this.”

The pinwheels for peace are displayed inside the Traylor Atrium for the whole school to see, reminding passersby’s to overcome their own obstacles and work toward a peaceful future.