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Pop! Gala Baskets

There’s a fun and easy way you can support Pop! Goes the Gala! Donate items for your class’s gala basket. These baskets raise thousands of dollars for Evansville Day School. This year, we’re making it super easy on you!

Each class has an Amazon Smile list. You can make all your gala basket purchases with a simple click of a button! Also, a portion of the money you spend on Amazon Smile will also go back to EDS through their charity give back program.

Gala basket donations are due by March 8th


  1. Click on the link(s) that corresponds with your class below. 
  2. Add items to your Amazon cart.
  3. Deliver to EDS (preferred option)

Example Shipping Address:

Full Name "JPK Gala Basket"
(or if purchasing for multiple classes, write "Gala Baskets")

3400 North Green River Rd
Evansville, IN 47715


Basket Themes

If you do not want to purchase items on your list through Amazon Smile, please consider a gift card to a big box store instead. We can do the shopping for you!



Kindergarten: ARTS/CRAFT

1st Grade: SPORTS

2nd Grade: BEACH

3rd Grade: LEGO

4th Grade: EASTER

5th Grade: POOL

6th Grade: BAKING

7th Grade: RAINY DAY

8th Grade: CAMPING

Upper School: TAILGATING