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The Road to FPS International

Fifth grader Caroline Palmer is a student blogger for Evansville Day School. In this blog, she reflects on their year in Future Problem Solvers as part of her classroom experience. She and her teammates are preparing to head out to FPS International in Amherst, MS this June!

It all started from a volunteer and a brilliant coach Mrs. Carol Griffin. In the beginning no fifth grade student had any idea that we would make it this far to the biggest competition yet: Future Problem Solvers (FPS) International. So what is FPS? FPS is a program where we use the knowledge we have now and make it into an action plan that will find a solution to the initial issue.  Now thats just a little but, trust me there is way more than you think. From the very first day we have all been there for each other, and we are ready to show the world what we’ve got at Internationals.

During our  journey there have been many rises and falls. One including the MISSION TO MOON, MARS, AND BEYOND. We started off a little bumpy because, well, no one knew how to create a six-step action plan, so we started learning about different steps and we started to understand.  Now look at us we are off to internationals. Man, it is unbelievable what you can learn in just a few months!

To qualify for state our Future Problem Solvers (FPS) focus was Food Lost and Waste. Only two teams qualified at first, but then Mrs. Griffin got an email saying we all could participate in the state tournament. Day School came in and took top three. In third place was Katy Koch , Krissy Koch, Kyra Champa, and Caroline Palmer. Second with a close score was Ingrid Braden, Cole Domizio, and Mahika Malkani. The best team in our category and champions was Norah Ahmed, Jason Sogard, Valerie Kulikov, and Tristan Tas. Now the champions are off to internationals with the two handy dandy alternatives Mahika Malkani and Caroline Palmer.  The topic we are studying now is de-extinction. It is the study of reviving an animal that is extinct or about to be. Scientist are basically cloning animals using DNA, cells and more; then they take that info and clone the animal. The group of 6 is following in the footsteps of the current 7th grade students who participated in internationals two years ago. From 2 hours of tough work to a fun skit for your peers and family to enjoy. Now we have returned with a new smile and we are ready to endanger the competition this time around. We could not have done it without support from coaches, parents, friends, and our fellow classmates to bring us to the top.  We are overjoyed to be able to participate and hopefully bring back a trophy or two.

- Caroline Palmer `26