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Senior Class Tribute

The class of 2020 was already poised to be a memorable class in Day School's history by bringing a collectively robust set of talents, leadership skills, and strong school spirit. But if there was ever any doubt about just how amazing these EDS graduates are, it was wiped away by a pandemic where they faced many disappointments with courage, resilience, and celebration of their familial bond. William Foster `20 wrote this tribute to his class on Facebook and gave us permission to share it as a blog post:

To my fellow classmates of EDS Class of 2020, where to start? Who would have thought when we walked out of the doors on March 17, that would be the last time we would roam the hallways of Day School?

Like many of you, I have been a student at Day School since my early educational years. We would all agree our “small but mighty” school is more like a family. From Ms. Karen White making sure our home is clean to our head of school, Mr. Kunst. The thing that makes our school so special is how it ensures each individual student realizes their full potential and helps them explore their own talents and interests.

This month they are highlighting each senior. Today is my day to reflect on my time at Evansville Day School. First, I want thank Griffin and Michael for being one of the first friends I met in preschool. It seems like yesterday we were sharing popsicles on the playground with Drew and Cecilia. To Drew and Cecilia thank you for all the good memories and for allowing me to be a “pseudo-lifer”. My family was still living in Ohio during jr. Pre-K, I think Dr. Gibson keeps forgetting that fact, but I don’t mind getting an honorable mention.

To the Goebels: Lauren, Cassidy, Sierra and Danielle, I think everyone in the Day School community would agree our school was truly blessed the day you joined our freshmen class. You brought an amazing amount of energy and long-lasting friendships to our high school. Specifically I want to thank Cassidy for going with me (and putting up with me) during prom and progressive dinner. BTW, if I forgot to tell you, you looked beautiful. To my fellow ginger, Danielle: Be proud of being a redhead, remember less than 2% of the population are redheads, and always remember to wear lots of sunscreen!

To Alanna and Bella, thank you for always having a smile and cheering on the Day School Eagles basketball team with such enthusiasm. To Aidan, I have really enjoyed getting to know you better this year. You really stepped up as a leader in our class, we are thankful for all that you do. To Brock, I know it was hard to transfer your senior year into a new school. But you fit in amazingly with all of us, it was like you had always been at Day School. BTW, Brandon and I kind of like our nicknames that you guys came up with this year.…Billy Brando

MaKiya, thank you for being our basketball team manager. You always had a kind word and a ton of patience with the team. Danny, you had us laughing so many times with your outrageous sense of humor. Matea, who knew what a talented gem we would get from Montenegro (2 yrs ago most of us couldn’t locate your home on a map) The way you would express your frustrations would always keep us laughing in AP chemistry. I am sorry you have not been able to see your family in a long time but I know your host family loves you like a daughter.

Neha, you were one of my best friends since grade school. You are smart, witty and funny and always pushed me to try harder. You are going to be successful in whatever you do. Lastly, Evan... your antics were the comedy relief that our class enjoyed so much. You have always been there for me when I needed a friend. I will be forever grateful.

EDS class of 2020, we will not be defined by the Covid-19 pandemic. We are resilient! And we will come through this with a better life perspective. In the past couple months, I have enjoyed the slower pace of life and cherished the extra time with my parents and younger brothers. Remember your special moments; for me those were taking a walk with my dog, listening to a church service in the living room and just getting some extra time with my family before I head off to college.

When I was reading the other night I came across this quote by Mark Twain:

“Dance like nobody’s watching;
love like you’ve never been hurt.
Sing like nobody’s listening;
live like it’s heaven on earth”

Thank you Day School family and thank you Class of 2020, God Bless!