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By Carson Newton `25

Having choices and the opportunity to be balanced is what I love most about Evansville Day School! I feel like next to being globally minded and focusing on academics, my superpower is definitely sports! And by sports, I mean all kinds of sports. From basketball, to soccer, to cross country, and tennis, I represent the SUPER-SPORTS power of EDS!        

I also love to be academically challenged, like participating in advanced math, doing science fairs, playing the saxophone, taking Spanish and French lessons, and creating fun and exciting projects for art and social studies. There are also many after school options, from chess, to math club, to robotics and speech meets, EDS has everything for students to enjoy. I join some of the clubs so I can do fun things and socialize with my friends outside of class. And along with all of these, we have sports!

I love all the sports at EDS, but what I love most about it is the fact that I am not limited to one sport or a requirement. I can play any sport I want and all my friends can do the same. There are no try outs so we all get to play and compete because we enjoy sports and the team atmosphere.  Needless to say, the opportunities to be balanced at EDS are endless!

For me, when classes end, that’s when my SUPER-SPORTS power begins! I love sports and feel that my superpower comes out on the courts.  I practice daily and love the social aspects of team sports.  Being a part of the basketball, soccer, tennis, and cross country teams make me learn that it takes a team effort to win and we have fun doing all this together.  Go Eagles! Go SUPER-SPORTS Superpower!