Technology has changed everything about the way we communicate, both at home and in the educational setting.  At Evansville Day School, technology is an important part of each day.  In partnership with Evansville Day School parents, the Technology staff at EDS has gone to great lengths to provide the most beneficial and educationally relevant technologies available for students to experience first-hand a real-world perspective in all aspects of their day. Some examples of such technology include:

First and Second graders developing Max Shows using simple math equations.  The students add pictures, fonts and backgrounds to the show and then create a new page detailing the answer to the math equation.  Additionally students use online picture drawing tools and incorporate transitions and animations to the slides. These projects encourage collaboration and good communication as the students work together to formulate the presentation.

Third graders creating Power Point Presentations about the information they have been learning in their classroom.  Students gather information about the topic, including photos and internet research items and then format a presentation about the topic.  Students are free to choose the items of interest they choose regarding the topic, encouraging creativity and critical thinking skills.  

Fourth graders producing in-depth reports and presentations about several states in the U.S.  Students research the names and email addresses of various newspapers in cities throughout their chosen state.  They compose a request for a letter to be published in that newspaper asking readers to send information regarding the state the student is researching.  Information pours in from all over the country and students must assemble a presentation utilizing both physical presentation boards in addition to typing and formatting a final digital presentation.  Such a project is an example of interdisciplinary learning involving social studies and technology working together to accomplish an ultimate goal.

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