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Thank You EDS Champions!

Thank you for being champions of our story!

Asterisked names indicate Blue & Gold Society donors. Thank you for your leadership!


Mrs. Leah and Mr. Hamza Al-Abed 
Mr. David Albin and Ms.Teri Hollander-Albin*
Ms. Lilian Alcock 2018
Dr. Mohammed Allaw and Ms. Nada Alturjmon
Mrs. Laura and Mr. Kelly Ballard
Mrs. Amy and Mr. Josh Barron*
Mr. Chris Bautista 1993
Mr. Rob Bernardin 1976 and Mrs. Cindy Bernardin*
Dr. Mark Bernhard and Mrs. Laura Bernhard*
Mr. Chad and Mrs. Ashley Beuligmann
Dr. Vijay Bhasin and Mrs. Poonam Bhasin*
Ms. Ann Bloxdorf
Mrs. Hilary Blunt (Thomas) 1982
Mrs. Katie and Mr. Carey Bockting
Dr. Christopher Braden and Mrs. Jennifer Braden*
Mrs. Meagan and Mr. Bo Brien
Ms. Emily Boyd (Campbell) 1999
Alice Carrot Charitable Fund
Mrs. Karen Chatmon and Mr. Bill Chatmon
Ms. Helen Christian*
Mrs. Megan Collins (Polz) 2008 and Mr. Robbie Collins
Mrs. Candice and Mr. Ed Cook
Mr. Stanley Cotton 1970
Mrs. Angela and Mr. Jeremy Craft
Ms. Bethany Craig
Mrs. Shannon and Mr. Randy Dierlam
Ms. Lauren Doss 2004
Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. Tom Doyle*
Mr. Tom Dragon
Ms. Dorothy Eckert
Dr. David Eggers and Mrs. Rebecca Eggers
Ms. Linda Ellenstein
Ms. Janell Ellis
Mrs. Marilyn and Mr. Melvin Ellsperman
Mr. John Emge 1986
Mrs. Carla and Mr. Douglas Englebright
Dr. Paul Eykamp 1983 and Ms. Stephanie Jensen
Mrs. Ellen Farmer (Simon) 1974 and Mr. John Farmer
Dr. Harry Faulkner and Mrs. Shelly Faulkner
Ms. Susan Flinn
Mrs. Cathy and Mr. Fred Folz, Sr.*
Col. William Foster, Jr., and Mrs. Susan Foster
Dr. Kimberly Foster and Mr. Robert Foster*
Mr. Grant Gerling 1979
Dr. Jill G. Griffin and Mr. Patrick Griffin*
Dr. Daniel Griffin and Mrs. Carol Griffin*
Mrs. Jingle Hagey (Igleheart) 1965 and Mr. Chandler Hagey*
Mr. Elmer Halwes Jr.
Mr. Jeff Halwes 1980
Dr. Tim Hamby and Mrs. Theresa Hamby
Mrs. Keach Hagey Harris 1995 and Mr. Wesley Harris
Ms. Heather Heck
Mr. Gray Hodge, Jr. and Mrs. Nancy Hodge*
Mr. Donald Horner and Ms. Marilyn Strobel
Mrs. Deborah and Mr. Robert Alan Hoskins*
Ms. Linda Huber
Mrs. Margy Hungate 1994 and Mr. Michael Hungate*
Mr. Geoffrey Hyatt 1977 and Mrs. Katharine Hyatt
Mrs. Diane Igleheart*
Dr. Derek Jones and Mrs. Marisa Jones
Mr. Jason Jorgensen
Mrs. Kelly and Mr. Uday Kanetkar
Mr. Tom Kissel 1978 and Ms. Lara Ceresko-Kissel*
Mrs. Sharlet and Mr. David Koch*
Mrs. Judith and Mr. Kevin Kunst*
Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. Jon Luttrull
Mrs. Lacey and Mr. Christopher Madras*
Mr. Sean Marren and Ms. Amy Falda*
Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. Alan Mason
Ms. Mary McCarthy 1978
Ms. Heather McPherson 1967
Mrs. Karen and Mr. Chuck Meacham
Mrs. Marybeth and Mr. Charles Meacham
Dr. Jason Meckler and Mrs. Gina Meckler*
Mrs. Krista and Mr. Rod Meyer
Mrs. Laurel Mills (Quirey) 1982 and Mr. Chris Mills*
Mrs. Lori and Mr. Thomas Moosbrugger*
Mr. Gary Morris 1980 and Mrs. Dee Morris
Dr. Janine Morris and Mr. Jeremy Morris*
Mrs. Robin Nunn (Griffin) 1986 and Mr. Jeff Nunn*
Mrs. Phyllis and Mr. Blake Oeth
Dr. Ryan Palmer and Mrs. Anna Palmer
Ms. Kelly Phillips
Mrs. Lauren and Mr. Chris Piekos
Mrs. Soi and Mr. Mark Powell
Mrs. Carol and Mr. Gerald Ramsey
Mrs. Robin and Mr. Eric Renschler
Ms. Carol Retherford
Mrs. Ann and Mr. David Rigney
Dr. Asem Rimawi and Mrs. Amani Rimawi*
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Jack Risewick
Mrs. Tia and Mr. Brent Rogers
Romain Cadillac*
Ms. Corrie Sarol
Mrs. Brenda and Mr. Neil Saunders
Mr. Paul Saunders 1997 and Mrs. Emily Saunders*
Mrs. Darby and Mr. Barry Schnakenburg*
Dr. Aaron Scholer and Mrs. Colleen Scholer
Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. Joab Schultheis*
Mrs. Amanda and Mr. Michael Scurry
Dr. Lori Sieboldt*
Dr. Joanne Smith (Bacon) 1990 and Mr. Eric Smith
Mr. George Stanley 1974 and Mrs. Teresa Stanley
Mrs. Dwan and Mr. Joshua Stevens
Dr. Todd Stoller 1990 and Mrs. Stacey Stoller
Mrs. Becky and Mr. Jim Tilley
Dr. Ryan Tomlinson and Mrs. Kate Tomlinson (Richard) 2000*
Mrs. Nancy Traylor*
Traylor Brothers Inc.*
Mr. Chris Traylor 1990 and Mrs. Niki Traylor*
Mrs. Lea and Mr. Ben Unfried*
Mrs. Linda and Mr. Stephen Vandiver
Mrs. Rose Marie and Mr. Frank Venditti
Dr. Robert Vraney and Dr. Laura Diaz del Castillo*
Mrs. Debra and Mr. Daniel Walsh
Mr. Henry Watkins 1970
The Weitzel Family Foundation*
Ms. Leah Whitaker
Mrs. Lori and Mr. Adam Wiechmann
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Paul V Williams
Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. Robert Woosley*
Mrs. Marianna Wright (Soaper) 1971 and Mr. Robert Wright 1972
Dr. Heun Yune
Mr. Wenjin Zhan and Ms. Yingzhu Zhang
Mrs. Bonnie and Mr. Larry Ziegler
Ms. Holly and Mr. Jerome Ziemer Jr.
Mrs. Patty and Mr. Jerry Ziemer