Thursday, March 4, 2021

Friends of EDS

March 4, 2021

Meeting Minutes-Virtual Zoom Meeting



In attendance:  Niki Traylor, Laura Goulbourne,  Robin Renschler,  Holly Ziemer, Lori Weichmann, Leah Whitaker, Misty Eastep,  Megan Collins, Kevin Kunst,   Anna Palmer,  Lucas Swinford,  Enida D-Etti,  Bill James



Niki Traylor brought the meeting to order at 5:03 PM starting with a game.  


Treasurer’s Report: 

  • $2800 of allocated funds from last year’s Trivia night with financial request from Ms. Ziemer for upper and middles school activities
  • Lucas Swinford and Megan Collins have requested approximately $600 from priority funding leaving $3500


Department Updates:


Head of School

  • Next week will be 1 year when pandemic started
  • Planning the State of the School Address

-Held next week via video

-Major theme is emergence from the pandemic

  • Also planning on in-person commencement ceremony for the seniors

-discussing the possibility of 4th and 8th grade ceremonies

-looking at other events to begin inviting parents/community back into the school building

  • Current school admissions have been good with a significant amount of school tours taking place since January
  • Enrollment for Summer Academy is doing well with several weeks filled or nearly filled

-COVID guidelines will be met


Middle School

  • 7th grade Science Fair completed today
  • Camp Carson is coming to campus 3/17 and 3/18 for grades 6 and 7 for Experiential Education days
  • 5th grade has plans for outdoor activities during Experiential Education days    
  • Friday, March 19th there will be inflatables and Kona ice



Upper School

  • Sectional semi-finals tomorrow for boys’ basketball
  • Planning for intercession and inviting 8th grade for part of the experience 3/17-3/19

-Wednesday International Day

-Thursday House Olympics

-Friday Class Competition

  • Art show 3/16
  • 4th Quarter begins after Spring Break and new seminars are being planned for the last 9 weeks
  • EDS only prom 4/17 at Friedman Park in Newburgh
  • Senior projects are beginning and opportunities will be made within the EDS community students are unable to find internships off campus


Primary School

  • Enjoying Spirit Week this week
  • Step-up Day-teacher’s will be visiting respective classrooms this year

-4th grade will go up to 5th grade to visit due to transition to Middle School

  • Grade 4 is doing State Reports on campus
  • More faculty are being vaccinated



  • Copy of school magazine coming out in 1-2 days
  • Planning Gala

-“Under the Stars” theme being held on campus outside

-pushing out baskets next week and need theme ideas

-Requesting any assistance available for gift cards, donations, planning, etc. 





  • We continue to look for volunteers for President, VP, and Treasurer next year
  • Anna Palmer agreed to step in as MS room parent coordinator
  • Restocked teachers’ workrooms for Mardi Gras
  • Virtual dance party canceled due to technical problems
  • Talk 10 challenge

-Continue to talk to friends, families, and the community about EDS

  • Spring flower Sale

-Begins tomorrow and ends March 17, 2021

-Flowers delivered to school 4/30 and pickup 5/1

-Geraniums $7/each

  • Event evaluations and plans for future events

-Current events held by Friends will be evaluated

-Suggestions will be welcomed

-Plans for a full Executive Meeting to evaluate events and to plan for the future

  • ISACS has parent webinars that parents can watch at their own convenience

-$250 fee

-Motion made by Niki for Friends to sponsor, second Laura, motion approved



Fund Requests

  • Holly is requesting $1879 for Middle School Experiential Education with Camp Carson

-Money will supplement what the school has budgeted

-Funds to come from monies earned in last year’s Trivia Night

  • Mrs. Ziemer is also requesting $1000 for the Upper School Intercession which would also come from last year’s Trivia Night

-Motion made by Misty, Laura second, motion approved


  • Venture Club is requesting $482 by Lucas Swinford

-Unable to raise money this year through events due to COVID

-Monies will be used to pay for video game creation software licenses at $80/piece and board games

-Motion made by Anna, Lori second, motion approved


  • Megan Collins is requesting $200 for 1rst grade Ocean Animals Unit

-Research project for the 1rst grade

-Money to cover movie premier event in the classroom, basket/bucket that students can take home, DVD with covers for keepsake, and to purchase snacks and goodies during the premier

-Motion made by Misty, second Anna, motion approved



The next meeting is scheduled for April 8, 2021 at 5:00pm.  Meeting adjourned 6:12pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Laura Goulbourne

EDS Friends Secretary