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Unique Experiences in Eastern Europe

Traveling abroad opens a student’s mind to new perspectives and provides a life-changing experience. Each summer, at Evansville Day School, we organize family international trips so that we can foster globally minded thinking and understanding in our classrooms, while making special connections within our EDS family.

This summer, our families explored a very unique location of the world: Transylvania, Romania and Budapest, Hungary. Transylvania, located in the heart of Romania, is bound by the Carpathian mountain range and is known for its scenic landscape, and rich cultural history. Covered by forests, castles, thermal springs, salt lakes, and monasteries, this region is mostly untouched by tourists. Our group embarked on this journey to discover and learn about Count Dracula’s history and visit its castle. We also visited the royal family palace and spent several days in Szekely rural villages, learning about the region’s history, cultural diversity, while seeing it first-hand how people live. After being immersed in the Hungarian culture, we traveled to Budapest, Europe’s most beautiful capital city. There, we visited many historical sites and learned about the country’s 1,000 + years of history. Through this journey, we all created new friendships and shared many life-changing experiences, which we hope to appreciate for many years to come. 


This is what our students shared about the trip:

Andrew `27: “It was interesting to see how things are done in a different way than what I am used to. Like, I think it was weird to have to pay to use the bathroom. It was also interesting to see how things are the same as what I do. Like when we visited a school, and the students have the same kind of classes like math, science, gym, and foreign language - which was English.”


Regan `29: “My favorite part was experiencing a whole new culture. I loved learning about that beautiful crown in the Parliament. Did you know that one of Hungary’s queen’s crowns got put in Fort Knox here?!”


Brenna `28: “I loved going to the school and seeing the children speak English. I also liked going to the salt mine. The salt mine is like an underground town and is really big.”


Thomas `29: “Romania was fun. I learned fairy tales and more history than I [already] knew.”


Interested in next year’s family international trip? Contact Anna Newton, global languages department chair for details.