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Upper School Discover Why

The personal nature of Day School is also seen in the advising program. Every EDS Upper School student is assigned a faculty advisor who works one-on-one with them to construct a four-year course plan that is both challenging and manageable.  The advisor serves as the student’s advocate in faculty meetings and parent conferences. As students and advisors forge strong relationships during the high school years, the advisor becomes a mentor, friend, cheerleader, and partner with that student and family.  The experience is powerful and is part of the reason why our graduates feel so much more connected to Day School than typically found in other high schools.

The personalized experience is best seen in the Upper School's college counseling program. Evansville Day School has a full-time Director of College Counseling whose sole job is to assist students to be successful applicants at their preferred college.  Students entering the 11th grade take a semester–long, discussion based college counseling seminar class which facilitates Ms. Heck in forging a personal relationship with each student.  The index from the EDS College Counseling Handbook serves as the “roadmap” for the class. Together, Ms. Heck and the student—with help from their parents—sift through the myriad of wants and needs each student has related to college. The result is a list of rank-ordered criteria that the students have identified as important, which is used to compile a list of colleges that fits each student individually.  Mr. Saunders then shepherds the students through both the application process and finding scholarships.  Being a strong advocate for Day School students has been a hallmark of the school's college counseling program. This individualized approach to college counseling at Day School is one of the reasons that the overwhelming majority of EDS seniors are accepted into their first choice-college.  Day School graduates are very successful at earning merit scholarships; it is not uncommon for the average amount of merit- aid our seniors earn to be in excess of $200,000.  You can find EDS graduates at colleges throughout the USA.  Recent Day School graduates continued their education at Bates in Maine, California Tech in California and all points between.  EDS graduates have matriculated at virtually every top college and university in the country.  

One of the other strengths of our Upper School program is the emphasis on experiential learning. Rather than sitting behind a desk memorizing facts and formulas out of a textbook, Day School students are actively learning and participating in their academics. One program that demonstrates this active learning is the Broadcast Journalism program in which students write, direct, and produce a weekly newscast about current happenings on the Day School campus and beyond.  The show is then posted to YouTube and viewed hundreds of times each week.  Likewise, experiential learning is alive and well with the Upper School government project.  Rather than simply learning the election process by reading a book and filling out worksheets, students are grouped together and create an actual political campaign for a fellow classmate.

Balance is important in all aspects of life.  The Upper School students at Evansville Day School achieve balance through participation in out of the classroom projects such as Intersession.  Intersession is held the week prior to Spring Break, when regular classes are suspended and students choose a hands-on, creative, in-depth and often out of town learning experience.  Whether traveling to Hong Kong, studying art in St. Louis, or participating in a service learning project right here in Evansville, Intersession is the Upper School's signature program and a fantastic way for Day School students to combine fun and education for a more well-rounded and balanced academic experience.  Schools with elite reputations for excellence in academics often offer very few activities or limit a student's participation in the activities offered to one or two.  Evansville Day School embraces a no-cut athletic program and a wide range of clubs and activities such as chess, Key Club, Academic Bowl, Student Council, and yearbook to mention a few.  Day School also offers many social opportunities for students like the Progressive Dinner, the Fall bonfire, and all the athletic events at which students spend time together supporting their friends.  EDS is more than a school.  Evansville Day School is an experience and it is the reason EDS students are not only successful, but also genuinely happy and love their time here.