Welcome from the Head of School

For nearly 75 years, Evansville Day School has served the Tri-State area as the only truly independent school. That independence has afforded our graduates the opportunity to forge their own path as globally-minded, entrepreneurial learners who take on the world with balance, knowledge, empathy, and resilience. It is a rich tradition of excellence that we are truly proud of.

And while that tradition is the foundation of who we are and what we do, we must also acknowledge that our world continues to face new challenges, and therefore education must adapt to meet the moment.

Our commitment at Day School is to be intentional in all that we do, whether that is in-person learning, virtual synchronous learning, the arts, athletics, or leadership development. We are building an inclusive community upon the foundations of mutual respect and unparalleled opportunity. We see every one of our students as individuals who are challenged to think boldly and to exercise ownership over their learning experience. It is through that ownership that they thrive.

Our team of dedicated teachers, staff, and administrators know that excellence in mind, body, and human spirit is fostered and honed through engagement - our students are able to meet their goals knowing they have adults supporting them, building them up, and believing in their success. In this era of pandemic, the ability of the EDS team to make these connections has been challenged by having to sometimes do so through a screen or a through mask. But we have learned that a mask cannot hide a smile and a screen can be a tool of engagement rather than limitation. 

Evansville Day School once again has been called to innovate and once again we have answered that call through thoughtful programming, through the use of technology to bring people together, through the construction of more outdoor spaces, and through the creation of strong safety protocols. As schools across the country work to figure out who they are in this new normal, what Day School has always been remains intensely relevant. We hold dear to our mission and our belief in an individual’s capacity for accomplishment, and for a community’s capacity for a collective vision of the possibilities of what can be.  

I invite you to learn more about this special place and how you and your family can call Evansville Day School “home.”



Kevin M. Kunst