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Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees at Evansville Day School is a dedicated group of parents, past parents, alumni, and community leaders who volunteer their time to implement the school’s vision and ensure good stewardship of the school’s resources. The Board meets monthly throughout the year and, because of our size and the family atmosphere of our community, is uniquely positioned to respond to the needs of our students and teachers as they arise.


Executive Committee

Patrick Griffin - President
Carol Griffin - Vice President
Kevin Kunst - Head of School
David Koch - Treasurer
Warren Mathies - Assistant Treasurer
Eric Friend - Secretary
Amy Romain Barron - Past President



Lora Arneberg- Trustee
Poonam Bhasin - Trustee
Tim Black - Trustee
Enida D-Etti - Trustee
Eric Friend - Trustee
James Gentry - Trustee
Marcus Hester 2007 - Trustee
Margy Hungate 1994 - Trustee
Dennis Malfatti - Trustee
Allison Royer - Trustee
Mindy Sagez - Trustee
Greg Schultheis - Trustee
Niki Traylor - Trustee
Elizabeth Woosley - Trustee


Trustee Emeriti

John B. Buchman
Helen Christian
Robert Guenther
Diane Foster Igleheart
James Long
Stephan Weitzel