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Houses of EDS

Evansville Day School is the only school in the area to have students from preschool through 12th grade under one roof, and our House System gives us a unique opportunity for students to bond across grade levels. After enrolling, each student is sorted into one of four houses: Heekin, Baumgart, Igleheart, and Boettcher. The Houses are composed of students, teachers, and administrators, who compete together to earn points for the annual honor of winning the House Cup.

Each House is named after a figure who is important to the history of EDS, connecting our current students to Evansville Day School’s past. Each House is also represented by a color from our Portrait of a Graduate and an animal.

  1. Baumgart (green, owl): our longest-tenured teacher, Ms. Esther Baumgart.
  2. Boettcher (gold, ram): one of Day School’s most impactful teachers, Helen Boettcher.
  3. Heekin (blue, fox): our longest-tenured Head of School, Ken Heekin.
  4. Igleheart (red, bear): the school’s co-founders, James and Diane Igleheart.

The House System strives to unite our school community through friendly competition, school-wide spirit, and even giving back to the wider community. Past House events have included a Tailgate to cheer on the girls’ soccer team, a surprise “Conge Day” where all classes dismissed to the gym to play relay games, and an annual food drive, donating thousands of items to Tri-State Food Bank each year. Events like these are the foundation of the sense of community students, staff, and parents feel regularly at EDS.