Laura Arrick
Social Worker

Ashley Beuligmann
Director of Finance

Katie Bockting
CAS Coordinator

Clinton Bosler
MS & US Fine Arts

Sarah Brooks
Director of Student Life

Amanda Bultemeier
Director of Marketing

Karen Chatmon
Director of Admission

Alejandro Cisneros
US Spanish

Megan Collins
First Grade

Angela Craft
MS English, Lead Teacher

Betsy Dailey
PS & MS Art

Erin Deppe
MS Social Studies

Shannon Dierlam
Front Office Manager

Tom Dragon
Athletic Director

Carla Englebright
Remote Learning Coordinator

Amber Ferguson
Music & Creative Dramatics

Alice Galbreath
Junior Pre-Kindergarten

Gena Garrett
MS Science

Anna Gergely
PS Spanish

Dr. Mary Jane Gibson
SEL Coordinator

Christina Gilliam
Pre Kindergarten

Betsy Gladding
PS Assistant, SEL 

Nancy Grayson
Before & After Care

Steve Greenwell
Instrumental Music

Dr. Denise Hanes
MS & US Science

Carena Johnson
Pre Kindergarten

David Johnson
Facilities Manager

Marisa Jones
Fourth Grade

Kelly Kanetkar
US Language Arts

Brian Kmec
US Social Studies

Kevin Kunst
Head of School

Jennifer Luttrull
Third Grade

Krista Meyer
MS Math

Lena Naef
US French

Blake Oeth
Technology Coordinator

Clint Omohondro
US Language Arts

Kelly Phillips

Kristen Post
MS Spanish

Soi Powell
PS Science

Robin Renschler
Head of Primary School

Tia Rogers
Second Grade

Sara Simpson
Finance Office Assistant

Eric Sogard
Innovation & Technology

Ashely Swinford
US Science

Lucas Swinford
US Math

Anna Vance
School Nurse

Troy Vaupel
Video Production

Amy Whetstone
MS Science

Leah Whitaker
Director of Advancement

Holly Ziemer
Head of MS & US

Emily Zinn
Fifth Grade