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4th Grade States Project
Do you or does someone you know live in any of these states?
Our 4th graders need your help!


At Evansville Day School, Mrs....

Day School Well-Represented at TedX 2016

The 2016 TEDx Evansville event, entitled “Pause. Play. Fast-Forward.” was held  on Saturday, October 1 at the Evansville Museum’s...

Day School Blog

Girl Powered: My Journey Through Robotics (by Lyra Sagez)
Soi Chong Powell's robotics team is doing amazing things! One of the team members, Lyra Sagez, has entered an essay in the VEX Robotics contest...
Genius Hour
Think back to when you were in school. In addition the the knowledge you gained from your classroom studies, wouldn’t it have been nice to be...