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EDS Student’s Drone Film Selected for International Film Festival

Written By: 

Lauren Barker


Evansville Day School celebrates the success of one of its own, 3rd-grader Louisa Royer.

Louisa embarked on a family trip to Romania and Hungary, guided by Evansville Day School’s Spanish teacher, Anna Gergely, this Summer. During this journey, which also included Dr. Soi Powell, a recently retired EDS science teacher, Louisa captured drone footage of Budapest’s landmarks, the quaint villages of Transylvania, and the bustling cities of Romania. Under the encouragement of Dr. Powell, she submitted her video to the Thunderbird Drone Film Festival.

Her film, titled “Dangerous Plants,” was chosen as one of 30 outstanding entries from 800 submissions to be showcased at the Thunderbird Drone Film Festival in Woodward, OK. The film will be screened on August 26 and 27, 2023.

"I'd like to thank Señora Gergely for showing me Romania and Hungary, including her hometown," said Louisa. "I also am really grateful to Dr. Powell and Mr. Powell for telling me about the drone festival and my parents for helping me edit the video.”

Dr. Mark Royer, Louisa's father, expressed his gratitude towards the Evansville Day School, stating, “The support and encouragement from the teachers and administrators at Day School have been invaluable. It's been instrumental in encouraging and developing the confidence and interests of our daughters.” Evansville Day School shines as a beacon of independent learning, encouraging students to pursue not only rigorous academics but also their unique interests and passions.