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Welcome to Evansville Day School

We are the region's only accredited, independent school.  Since 1946 we have been teacher-inspired and student-centered.   Whether you are considering enrolling your child for our preschool, primary, middle or upper school, we offer all our students an opportunity to participate in classrooms where active learning is key.  We are committed to facilitating each child in achieving his/her potential within a balanced learning experience.  Our 65+ years of educating has taught us that learning is a process, rather than a test.  The student is our future, rather than a number.  We are privileged to be the adult mentors in this academic endeavor.We are delighted in your interest in Evansville Day School.  

EDS is the only independent school in the region, offering world class programs beginning at age 3 through grade 12.  At Evansville Day School, critical thinking skills are emphasized over cookie-cutter curriculum and programs are tailored to the interest and strengths of the individual child. Each student is given the skills needed to succeed in college and beyond.  We welcome your inquiry and invite you to browse our programs and offerings. Seeing is believing and you are invited to visit the campus at your convenience. Contact Karen Chatmon at or (812) 476-3039 to schedule a personal tour!

Karen Chatmon
Director of Admission
812.476.3039 ext. 205