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Soaring Eagles

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Soaring Eagles themes are offered FULL DAY with a half day option for those who wish to join from 12:00 - 3:00 pm each day of the week.


Week 1: Performance Week: Encore
June 3 - 7

The Spring Musical inspired many of our Rising Eagles, so we decided to return "Under the Sea." This week will expose students to the wonderful world of theater! Young performers will embark on a journey to bring performances to life with creativity and flair. From crafting mesmerizing prop pieces to mastering lines and choreography, this camp is a dynamic blend of theater arts and collaborative fun. Join us for a week of laughter, teamwork, and a dazzling encore performance that will leave your young stars with memories as bright as a Broadway spotlight!


Week 2: Coding
June 10 - 14

Tech enthusiasts embark on an immersive journey into the world of programming and technology! This week is designed to ignite a passion for coding and problem-solving. With hands-on projects, coding challenges, and collaborative activities, students will develop valuable skills in a supportive and engaging environment. Join us for a week of coding adventures, where students will transform into confident, creative, and capable coders, ready to shape the digital future!


Week 3: Job Education (Oh, the Places We'll Go!)
June 17 - 19

The future is yours and "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" This week-long adventure is designed to inspire exploration and introduce students to various careers. Each day will focus on a different profession, featuring guest speakers, hands-on activities, and interactive workshops. From STEM fields to arts and beyond, this week aims to broaden horizons, ignite passions, and empower students with insights into the diverse world of work. Join us for a week of discovery, as students envision the endless possibilities and embark on a journey toward their future careers!


Week 4: Science & Water Experiments
June 24 - June 28

Captivating water experiments and hands-on investigations will present a splash of fun and learning. Students will explore the fascinating world of water through interactive activities, water chemistry experiments, and aquatic ecosystems studies. Join us for a week of scientific discovery, where middle schoolers unravel the mysteries of H2O and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of water in our world. Get ready for a week filled with excitement, learning, and a whole lot of splashing!


Week 5: Fun with Food
July 1 - 5*

Indulge your taste buds and express your creativity! Students will explore the art of food in a week filled with delicious adventures! From mastering cooking techniques to crafting delectable dishes, this week will be an exploration of culinary arts. Students will dive into diverse cuisines, experiment with flavors, and even design their own culinary creations. Join us for a week of laughter, teamwork, and the joy of turning simple ingredients into culinary masterpieces. Get ready to unleash your inner chef and savor the flavors of fun!

*Summer Academy is closed on Thursday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day.


Week 6: Game ON!
July 8 - 12

Get ready for an epic week of gaming excitement during our "Game On" week for Soaring Eagles! Students will immerse themselves in a variety of interactive and strategic games, both digital and traditional. From video game challenges to strategic board games, this week offers a blend of competition and camaraderie. Engage in friendly tournaments, problem-solving challenges, and tap into the world of game design. The week will be filled with fun, strategy, and a sense of accomplishment as we celebrate the joy of play!


Week 7: STEAM
July 15 - 19

Students will venture through the realms of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM)! This week provides exploration of creativity and innovation, featuring interactive projects, coding challenges, engineering experiments, and artistic endeavors. From robotics to digital arts, students will discover the interconnected world of STEAM fields in a collaborative and engaging environment. Join us for a week of inspiration, problem-solving, and discovery as we nurture the next generation of STEAM enthusiasts!


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