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Soaring Eagles

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Soaring Eagles themes are offered FULL DAY with a half day option for those who wish to join from 12:00 - 3:00 pm each day of the week.


Week 1: All the World's a Stage
June 5 - 9
Laura D'Alto

Get a glimpse into the wonderful world of theater! During this week, will explore a little bit of everything - singing, dancing, tech, and even special effects stage makeup! There is something for everyone whether you prefer to be on stage or behind the scenes.


Week 2: Weird Science
June 12 - 16
Ashley Moran

Do you like the peculiar, the strange and the gross? If so, then the wonderful world of Weird Science might be for you! From the smallest cell to the biggest planet, the universe is a wacky place, and this week, we are going to explore it! Through hands-on experiments and activities you will discover just how bizarre science can be, so grab your lab coat, don't forget your safety goggles, and let's get weird!


Week 3: Game ON!
June 19 - 23
Ashley Moran

If it's a game, it's ON - Soaring Eagles style! This week combines the old with the new when it comes to games. From classic to contemporary games, we will sharpen problem solving skills and even use teamwork. We will also explore technology to discover how gaming has evolved!


Week 4: It's a Great Big World
June 26 - June 30
Ashley Lampert

If you could travel to anywhere, where would you go?! Different places around the world can teach us so much! Enjoy a week of exploring languages around the globe and open yourself up to cultures, people, and customs that are different from your own! By the end of the week, you'll be ready to jet-set to new and far off places!


Week 5: Feast or Masterpiece?
July 3 - 7*
Jess Crowley

This week will explore art with food! Develop your cooking skills in the kitchen, use ingredients for still life, and let's see what these 3D printers can do to make the week even more exciting! This week features a mix of art, innovation, and cooking. Playing with your food is not only acceptable, but it is part of the plan!

*Summer Academy is closed on Tuesday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day.


Week 6: Sports Spectacular
July 10 - 14
Trey "Coach T" Wornica

Ever wanted to create a skills event like fans do for Ninja Warrior? Want to practice skills and drills for sports that already exists? This week, you can do BOTH! Create your own field event through designing and determining rules for your event AND practice basics from different sports. Groups will get to compete and learn more about scoring, brackets and how to go for the win!


Week 7: Community Connections
July 17 - 21
Amanda Jennings

We have a wonderful community around us, but how can we make it better? Let's explore what's available, then connect and work together to solve problems and make a difference! Move beyond learning and contribute to make an impact! 


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