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Support Evansville Day School through the Fund for Excellence!

Evansville Day School is celebrating 75 years of providing educational excellence! One of the keys to our success for the past 75 years has been the contributions of individual and corporate donors who supported the unique culture of EDS and allowed us to sustain it to today. Now it's our turn to help ensure EDS is not only around, but thriving in our mission of “excellence in mind, body, and human spirit” for the next 75 years! 

Tuition dollars help fund the "basics" of the school for the year - base salaries, building maintenance, and recurring expenses. It is the Fund for Excellence dollars that are the foundation of our culture of excellence: creating a school that educates students beyond the classroom, attracting top teachers and staff, providing us the tools needed to grow the school and continually improve our community. This is the Day School we know and love! Can you help us keep it going strong?

In addition to our other fundraising efforts, the amount needed to "fund the gap" between tuition dollars and our sustainable future is $190,000 in unrestricted gifts. We encourage ALL faculty, parents, board members, alumni, and other friends of the school to help us realize this goal. Maybe you can give $75 for our 75th year, or maybe you have the means to make a much larger gift. Whatever your giving level, the value of your participation in building the future of Day School is vital, and we cannot do it without you!