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Student Leadership Council

​​The Student Leadership Council (SLC) at Evansville Day School takes the place of a traditional “student council” and enables students to be leaders with and make a real impact in their school.  The SLC consists of five, student-led committees that facilitate service-work, bolster academics, and foster a culture of comradery throughout the school. Every Middle and Upper School student joins one of the five committees and each SLC committee is supported by faculty advisers to meet with weekly as they plan and execute events and initiatives to strengthen the school community. Committee chairs apply for their positions, give speeches, and are selected by faculty on a variety of criteria.

Student-driven leadership increases engagement in the classroom and fosters positive relationships among all members of the school community. At Day School, we have one hundred percent Upper School student participation in the SLC, and we are proud of the dedication and enthusiasm students demonstrate toward the betterment of their school.

Academic Committee

  • Connects US students with subject tutors
  • Provides support, including organizing study groups and providing snacks, during finals weeks and high-stakes testing 

Ambassador Committee

  • Coordinates and assists with prospective EDS student and Admission events
  • Creates content and maintains Upper School social media accounts in coordination with the marketing department.

Co-curricular Committee

  • Coordinates US special events such as the Bonfire, Progressive Dinner, and dances
  • Collaborates with other SLC committees’ event planning

Community Service Committee

  • Coordinates student philanthropy 
  • Finds opportunities to engage students with community needs

School Culture Committee

  • Promotes academic, artistic, and athletic events
  • Fosters a positive school climate


“SLC has has made me more aware of what it takes to be a good leader. A good leader has to know what their peers’ strengths are and how to best utilize them in order to achieve the group’s goal." - Lilly Burke, former SLC President ‘21