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Tradition Mission Statement: “Traditions are what make us who we are at Evansville Day School. Every student at EDS has their own unique experience, but each one gets to experience these traditions on an annual basis, whether it is celebrating our seniors with the EDS community, enjoying the Thanksgiving feast, or competing with other classes on field day.

Traditions at EDS:

Gnome Night:
“Each fall, our primary school students make their way to the 40-acre woods for an interactive, Gnome-themed play put on by the upper school. Middle schoolers serve as guides for the younger students, taking them from scene to scene. Students in Primary School design unique and original artwork pieces. These pieces are then displayed along the trails and help create a magical celebration of connecting art and nature by utilizing light, sound, and wind.  It is a night in which the EDS community’s bond is strengthened through all-school participation."


All-School Picnic:
“Near the beginning of the school year, the entire school gathers in and around the gym for a special event that includes games, booths, and fun for all. Primary school students make their way around the gym floor, traveling to different upper school-led stations for competitions, face-painting, and sometimes even candy.”

Thanksgiving Feast: 
“Before everyone leaves for Thanksgiving break, all students and faculty assemble in the gym for a Thanksgiving feast! The seniors help the JPK students get their food, which is served to everyone by a group of parents. The EDS Community celebrates the only way we know how: with each other.”

T-Shirt Exchange:
“At the beginning of the school year, the annual exchange of t-shirts between the oldest boy and girl in the school with the youngest boy and girl in the school brings the school together as a reminder of where our JPK students can be if they stay the course.”

Field Day:
“To conclude the school year, after the seniors have moved on to their senior projects, the rest of the school has a field day in which they compete in various competitions, from kickball to football to dodgeball.”

Senior Walk:
“To conclude their EDS careers, the seniors, cheered on by the rest of the students, start in the Upper School and make their final pass through the school, walking down through the middle and primary schools, past the hill, and over to the sculpture, where they take pictures and end the journey at Day School.”

Senior Send Off:
“Each spring, before graduation, the Upper School gathers in the Commons to celebrate the seniors. Each senior presents gifts to underclassmen and faculty as a show of their gratitude for everything the rest of the EDS community has contributed to their pursuit of a diploma.