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Week 1: Fairy Tales and Fables

June 3 - 7

Alice Galbreath

Step into the world of fairy tales and fables! Use creative dramatics to bring the tales to life, get hands-on with crafts, and even work together to write your own stories. Be sure to bring your imaginations as we journey through the Enchanted Forest!


Week 2: Junior Chef’s Academy

June 10-14

Alice Galbreath

Calling all aspiring MasterChef Junior contestants! Work on your measuring, mixing, and pouring skills. Discover new recipes and work together with your friends to create them, then improvise to create something new! What will be your favorite foods to cook and eat?!


Week 3: Master Builders

June 17-21

Alice Galbreath

Spend the week getting hands-on with all kinds of building projects! From various group & individual LEGO® challenges to imagining new inventions from recycled materials, you will have a chance to create to your heart’s content. Whether it’s sewing, constructing, or hammering, you will take the lead in the direction of your creations!


Week 4: Rockstar Camp

June 24-28

Alice Galbreath

Let’s rock! Explore the world of rock and roll through playing with musical instruments and listening to music by various artists. Discover your signature style in rock fashion. Work on your performance presence by watching other rock stars, and take a look behind the scenes at design, lighting, and merchandising. At the end of the week, we may even rock out for the Rising Eagles!


Week 5: Mad Science

July 1-5*

Christina Gilliam

This week is all about getting hands-on through science! Conduct structured and unstructured experiments and put those brains to work to guess what will happen (form a hypothesis). Then SEE what happens (conduct research), work with your friends to record it (collect data), and talk about how it might have surprised you. You never know what might happen in the exciting world of science experiments!

*No Summer Academy on Thursday, July 4.


Week 6: Water Week

July 8-12

Christina Gilliam

Let’s put water to the test! Come explore water and all of its capabilities while we play. Observe floating vs sinking, melting vs freezing, water cycles, water speed and movement on an incline, and much more! Bring swimsuits, towels, and water shoes, as we will go outside (weather permitting) for some of our water exploration.


Week 7: Arty Party

July 15-19

Christina Gilliam

This is the week for budding artists! Artists can explore color mixing in the paint lab, create chalk paint using a mortar and pestle, or ignite their inner creativity through independent exploration of skills and techniques introduced throughout the week in mini art lessons. Bring your creativity to life and get in touch with your inner artist!



Week 8: Mini Bots

July 22-26

Alice Galbreath

Silicon Valley, here we come! Learn some basic coding for preschoolers through games both on and off the screen. Experience the world of sequencing and cause-and-effect by programming Bee Bots and Dash & Dots robots. Create your own robot, and see how far your imagination can take it!