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Week 1: Storybook Adventure
June 3 - 7

Once upon a time....There were children who fell in love with reading as they ventured off into the faraway worlds of storybooks. They had an amazing time in the land of make believe, bringing a new book to life through art, centers, and activities each day. Most importantly, they lived happily ever after!


Week 2: Sensational Messes
June 10 - 14

Our little eagles will be invited to unleash their imagination through gooey art, splatter painting, and hands-on messy play. From slime-making to finger painting, this week celebrates the joy of exploration and the beauty found in sensational messes. Get ready for a week of laughter, discovery, and unforgettable, delightfully messy memories that will spark creativity in the most vibrant and colorful ways!


Week 3: Eagle-Bots
June 17 - 21

Our little engineers will dive into the world of imagination and innovation with playful robots and hands-on activities. This week is designed to introduce the youngest minds to basic robotics concepts through interactive games, and simple coding exercises. Watch as curiosity sparks, teamwork blossoms, and little ones take their first steps into the fascinating realm of technology in a fun and age-appropriate environment.


Week 4: Bugs and Bites!
June 24 - June 28

Little explorers will delight in the fusion of fun with food and the fascinating world of bugs! Through creative snacks and bug-themed activities, this week offers a delectable blend of culinary adventures and insect exploration. Children will savor the joy of hands-on culinary creations while learning about the incredible role bugs play in nature. Join us for a week of tasty discoveries and bug-filled excitement that will tickle taste buds and ignite curiosity!


Week 5: Art & the Great Outdoors
July 1 - 5*

This enchanting week will have our youngest eagles embarking on a whimsical journey blending the wonders of nature and the joy of artistic expression. Children will discover the magic of what happens when creativity and the beauty of nature come together through guided explorations of the outdoors, hands-on crafts, and imaginative play. We hope the week fosters a love of art and an appreciation for the environment around them.

*Summer Academy is closed on Tuesday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day.


Week 6: Rockstar Camp
July 8 - 12

The stage is set for pint-sized performers to shine! This music-filled adventure invites students to discover their inner rockstar through rhythm, movement, and musical exploration. This week fosters a playful environment for preschoolers to embrace their creativity. Join us for a week of rockin' fun, where every child finds their favorite role. They can become a superstar on our mini-stage, work behind the scenes to create the best concert experience and more all while creating memories of music, laughter, and applause!


Week 7: Caution: Construction Zone
July 15 - 19

Little hands and big imaginations come together to create a world of construction wonders! Preschoolers will explore the exciting realm of construction! Budding builders will lay the foundation for a week of creativity, teamwork, and construction-themed adventures. Get ready for a week of fun where little ones don hard hats, grab tools, and embark on a journey of building dreams!


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