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Please Note: We will make EVERY effort to honor the themes listed below this summer; however, if we have learned anything, it is that flexibility is the key to success! Should a theme become difficult to execute well due to Covid-19 safety restrictions or unforeseen staffing changes, we reserve the right to alter the themes below in order to create the best-quality (and most fun) program for your child.


Week 1: Hands on Science
June 6 - 10
Christina Gilliam

Let’s get our hands dirty and make some messes in the name of science! What do YOU think will happen when we try something new? Let’s watch and see. Were you right? Let’s try again to learn why. Plan to wear old clothes and have extras on hand. You never know what will happen in the exciting world of science experiment FUN!


Week 2: Storybook Adventure
June 13 - 17
Christina Gilliam

Once upon a time… There were children who read stories and acted out their adventures. They had an amazing time in the land of make-believe, bringing books from home to life through play and art. And they lived happily ever after!


Week 3: Master Builders
June 20 - 24
Alice Galbreath

Spend the week getting hands-on with all kinds of building projects! From various group & individual LEGO® challenges to imagining new inventions from recycled materials, you will have a chance to create to your heart’s content. Whether it’s sewing, constructing, or hammering, you will take the lead in the direction of your creations!


Week 4: Break It and Build It
June 27 - July 1
Alice Galbreath

Let’s explore how things work and imagine new ways to put pieces together! In this fun week, we will take recycling and invention to new levels as we learn to use basic tools to take apart unwanted items to turn them into something new. This week of ultimate exploration and creativity will have you thinking all kinds of new ideas!


Week 5: Water Week
July 5 - 8*
Melissa Barber

Let’s put water to the test! Come explore water and all of its capabilities while we play. Observe floating vs sinking, melting vs freezing, water cycles, water speed and movement on an incline, and much more! Bring swimsuits, towels, and water shoes, as we will go outside (weather permitting) for some of our water exploration.

*Summer Academy is closed on Monday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day.


Week 6: Mini Bots
July 11 - 15
Melissa Barber

Silicon Valley, here we come! Learn some basic coding for preschoolers through games both on and off the screen. Experience the world of sequencing and cause-and-effect by programming Bee Bots and Dash & Dots robots. Create your own robot, and see how far your imagination can take it!


Week 7: Nature Camp
July 18 - 22
Melissa Barber

Let’s explore the great outdoors! Nature has so many amazing things to see and talk about. What natural wonders will we find on our adventures? Leaves? Birds? Bugs? Animal tracks? Pack your hats, boots, binoculars, and magnifying glasses for this fun week!


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