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Week 1: Enchanted Forest

June 4 - 8

Alice Galbreath

Step into the world of fairy tales and folklore! Use creative dramatics to bring the tales to life, get hands-on with crafts, and even work together to write your own stories. Be sure to bring your imaginations as we journey through the Enchanted Forest!


Week 2: Maker Week

June 11-15

Alice Galbreath

Spend the week getting hands-on with all kinds of building projects! From various group & individual LEGO® challenges to imagining new inventions from recycled materials, you will have a chance to create to your heart’s content. Whether it’s sewing, constructing, or hammering, you will take the lead in the direction of your creations!


Week 3: Splish Splash Week

June 18-22

Sarah Brooks

Let’s put water to the test! Come explore water and all of its capabilities while we play. Observe floating vs sinking, melting vs freezing, water cycles, and much more before finishing the week with the ultimate water activity - a Splish Splash Day!


Week 4: Codecademy

June 25-29

Sarah Brooks

Silicon Valley, here we come! Learn some basic coding for preschoolers through games both on and off the screen. Experience the world of sequencing and cause-and-effect by programming Bee Bots and Dash & Dots robots. Create your own robot, and see how far your imagination can take it!


Week 5: Superhero Academy

July 2-6*

Katie Bockting

Calling all superheroes: join us for an exciting week of superhero camp! Practice your super powers while we learn about other heroes and their super powers. Feel free to wear your favorite superhero gear as we explore the super world around us!

*No Summer Academy on Wednesday, July 4.


Week 6: Arty Party

July 9-13

Alice Galbreath

This is the week for budding artists! Spend the week exploring different painting techniques, getting your hands in clay, and arranging/drawing still lifes. Bring your creativity to life and get in touch with your inner artist!


Week 7: Commotion in the Ocean

July 16-20

Betsy Gladding

Learn about life at the seashore through play, hands on activities, art, and lots and lots of water activities! Wear your swimsuit and bring a towel and a change of clothes. Come join us for a week of fun in the sun!


Week 8: Chef's Academy

July 23-27

Betsy Gladding

Calling all aspiring MasterChef Junior contestants! Learn how to measure, mix, bake, and decorate with the help of your favorite books! Bake cookies like the mouse in “Give A Mouse A Cookie” or make Green Eggs and Ham from Dr. Seuss. What will be your favorite foods to cook and eat?!