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Rising Eagles

Each week, our Rising Eagles will have "Traveling Tuesday," where we visit a local attraction related to the week's theme. We also feature daily specialty classes connected to the week's theme!


Week 1: WILDKids

June 5 - 9

Sarah Sutton, Tia Rogers, Karen Meacham

Reptile or amphibian, mammal or marsupial, fish or bird, we’ve got ‘em all! This week at Summer Academy, learn about animals of the world. Create animal-inspired art projects, play animal games, and even meet some live animal friends!

Specialty Class - Biology with Ashely Swinford

Week 2: Space Odyssey

June 12-16

Sarah Brooks, Tia Rogers, Ashely Swinford

Get ready for an adventure that is out of this world! Experiment with gravity. Play with food to create (and eat!) the solar system. Explore the solar system through hands on activities and videos that give us a glimpse into the wonders of space. 3… 2… 1… Lift Off!

Specialty Class - NASA: Astronauts in Training with Sarah Sutton

Week 3: Active Lab

June 19-23

Kelly Phillips, Sarah Sutton, Jennifer Stevens

Keeping minds and bodies healthy is a lifelong experience. Learn good habits early in Active Lab! Explore mindfulness, physical movement, and healthy lifestyle choices. Being healthy isn’t just a personal journey. Learn how to help others in the community struggling with health issues and how to show kindness and compassion to others. Investigate different forms of activity while building healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Specialty class - Dance with Sarah Brooks

Week 4: Robotics & Coding

June 26-30

Kelly Phillips, Ashely Swinford, Eric Sogard

It’s never too early to start learning the fundamentals of robotics and coding! Participate in STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math) activities and build a foundation for learning how to code. Research the uses and benefits of robots, then create maze challenges and try your hand at the controls of real robots!

Specialty class - Knitting with Karen Meacham

Week 5: Game On

July 3-7*

Kelly Phillips, Karen Meacham, Eric Sogard

It’s time to put on your game face! Kick the can the way your mom and dad did in the olden days, and play classic board and card games. Sharpen your skills with brain puzzles, chess, and other strategy games. Step up your game in your favorite sports. Even use your imagination to create your own games to play with friends! If it’s a game, it’s ON!

Specialty Class - Tennis with Coach B

*No Summer Academy on Tuesday, July 4.


Week 6: Chef's Academy

July 10-14

Kelly Phillips, Tia Rogers, Silmary Echevarria

Experience food like never before at Chef’s Academy! Learn how to follow a recipe, measure ingredients, and practice food and kitchen safety. Use literature as a basis for cooking by reading stories and making food related to the theme. Who knows, maybe you will even try a new food and love it!

Specialty Class - Play with Your Food: Food as Art with Jennifer Stevens

Week 7: Amazing Race

July 17-21

Sarah Sutton, Jennifer Stevens, Ashely Swinford

Take an amazing race around the world without leaving Evansville! Grab your “passport” and learn about diversity and different cultures through games, literature, and hands-on learning activities. This unique week will explore a variety of cultures to showcase the differences and similarities that make the world beautiful.

Specialty Class - Spanish with Silmary Echevarria

Week 8: Kid Inventors

July 24-28

Kelly Phillips, Ashely Swinford, Karen Meacham

Challenge your brain and dust off your tinkering skills to create something the world has never seen. “Break out” of Summer Academy by inventing machines, finding clues, solving riddles, and finding ways to escape! Can you do it in time for school to begin? Use your imaginations to create, fail, collaborate, try again, and see what kind of amazing ideas come from the process!

Specialty Class - Mechanical Toys and Automata with Soi Powell