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Rising Eagles

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Week 1: Performance Week: Encore
June 3 - 7

The Spring Musical inspired many of our Rising Eagles, so we decided to return "Under the Sea." This week will expose students to the wonderful world of theater! Young performers will embark on a journey to bring performances to life with creativity and flair. From crafting mesmerizing prop pieces to mastering lines and choreography, this camp is a dynamic blend of theater arts and collaborative fun. Join us for a week of laughter, teamwork, and a dazzling encore performance that will leave your young stars with memories as bright as a Broadway spotlight!


Week 2: Around the World
June 10 - 14

No need to pack your bags, this week will bring the world to you! We will explore diverse cultures, traditions, and wonders from across the globe! Each day brings a new destination with themed activities, crafts, and games. From creating passports to trying international snacks, this camp fosters a sense of curiosity and appreciation for the world's rich tapestry. Join us for a week of multicultural exploration, where young adventurers will discover the joy of diversity and unity through a global lens, making friends and memories that span continents!


Week 3: Wild About Animals
June 17 - 21

Join us as we adventure into the animal kingdom! Young adventurers will discover the wonders of the animal kingdom while fostering a love for conservation and biodiversity. Join us for a week of roars, chirps, and giggles as we dive into the wild world of our furry, feathery, and scaly friends!


Week 4: Water Week
June 24 - June 28

Dive into the excitement of Water Week where we will make a splash with a week filled with aquatic adventures! From water balloon games to underwater crafts, each day promises a wave of fun and cool activities. Whether exploring marine life through educational games or participating in water-themed challenges, this week is a refreshing blend of learning and play. Join us for a wet and wild week where young water enthusiasts will create lasting memories, make a splash, and embrace the joy of all things aquatic!


Week 5: Fun with Food
July 1 - 5*

Get ready for a tasty adventure at our "Fun with Food Week" where junior chefs explore the delicious world of culinary creativity! There will be opportunities for crafting edible masterpieces as each day is a flavorful journey of hands-on cooking fun. Young chefs will learn basic kitchen skills, try their hand at delightful recipes, and even design their own culinary creations. Join us for a week of laughter, teamwork, and, of course, delightful dishes that will inspire a lifelong love for cooking and the joy of sharing meals together!

*Summer Academy is closed on Thursday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day.


Week 6: Game ON!
July 8 - 12

Join us for this thrilling week-long adventure of interactive games, challenges, and friendly competitions! From classic board games to outdoor sports, this week is a dynamic blend of strategy, teamwork, and good old-fashioned fun. Each day brings new game-themed activities, ensuring a week packed with excitement and laughter. This will be a game-changing experience where young players will sharpen their skills, make new friends, and celebrate the joy of play in an atmosphere buzzing with friendly competition and camaraderie!


Week 7: STEAM
July 15 - 19

Young minds will engage in dynamic experiments, creative arts, and technology challenges. From building simple machines to exploring the wonders of coding, this week fosters curiosity and innovation. Join us for exploration, problem-solving, and collaborative learning, as we empower young thinkers to embrace the diverse and captivating realms of STEAM!


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