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Rising Eagles

Each week, our Rising Eagles will have "Traveling Tuesday," where we visit a local attraction related to the week's theme. We also feature daily specialty classes for added fun!


Week 1: STEM-sational - FULL (Waiting List Only)

June 3 - 7

Marisa Jones, Megan Collins, Tia Rogers

Challenge your brain and dust off your tinkering skills to create something the world has never seen, using of common materials! Can you build a stronger structure for the three little pigs? Help the billy goats gruff with their raft? Use your imaginations to create, fail, collaborate, and try again. See what kind of amazing ideas come from the process!

Specialty Class - Art with Jennifer Luttrull


Week 2: Movie Mania - FULL (Waiting List Only)

June 10-14

Marisa Jones, Jennifer Luttrull, Sarah Brooks

Here's your backstage pass to the world of animation! Throughout the week, we will explore various aspects of animation and how movies come to life. Join us as we create flip books, build zoetropes, illustrate movie strips, make stop-motion movies with the smoovie app, and build our own drive-in theater!

Specialty Class - Soccer with the Goebels


Week 3: Robotics & Coding - FULL (Waiting List Only)

June 17-21

Sarah Brooks, Katie Bockting, Soi Powell

It’s never too early to start learning the fundamentals of robotics and coding! Participate in STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math) activities and build a foundation for learning how to code. Explore with NASA and SpaceX to see how far robotics can take us. Research the uses and benefits of robots, then create maze challenges, and try your hand at the controls of real robots!

Specialty class - Tennis with Coach B


Week 4: Underwater Adventure

June 24-28

Sarah Brooks, Kelly Phillips, Tia Rogers

Come make a splash with us as we try to beat the heat! Become submerged in water exploration. Find out what floats and sinks, how water freezes and melts, explore marine biology, and more. Don't forget to pack your suit and towel for some outdoor fun, too!

Specialty class - Tennis with Coach B


Week 5: Chef’s Academy - FULL (Waiting List Only)

July 1-5*

Kelly Phillips, Tia Rogers, Ashely Swinford

Calling all foodies! Are you a budding chef, or are looking for a way to learn kitchen techniques? Chef’s Academy gets kids cooking each day! There are many great lessons to be learned in the Summer Academy kitchen - measuring, teamwork, creativity, culture, and trying new things! In addition, we’ll learn about our food and explore healthy options.

Specialty Class - Basketball


*No Summer Academy on Thursday, July 4.


Week 6: Magical Muggles - FULL (Waiting List Only)

July 8-12

Karen Meacham, Kelly Phillips, Ashely Swinford

Grab your wands and meet us on Platform 9 ¾! Practice the art of making potions, test your athletic abilities in the Triwizard tournament, learn about Herbology, and discover what house the sorting hat will choose for you. You will have a wizarding time, but remember... never to mention He Who Must Not Be Named!

Specialty Class - Basketball


Week 7: Mission Control

July 15-19

Karen Meacham, Kelly Phillips, Ashely Swinford

Ever wonder what is in outer space and want to find out more of the mysteries of the Universe? Want to see what it’s like living the life of an astronaut? The Force WILL be with you at Summer Academy. Join us for an adventure that’s out of this world!

Specialty Class - Archery with Troy Vaupel


Week 8: Game On! - FULL (Waiting List Only)

July 22-26

Christina Gilliam, Karen Meacham, Ashely Swinford

It’s time to put on your game face! Play some of the classics and even create your own games during this popular Summer Academy week. Test your skills and compete in Minute-To-Win-It, relay races, brainteasers, and board games - if it’s a game, it’s ON!

Specialty Class - Creative Dramatics with Joanna Fleming