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Portrait of a Graduate

While we always strive to help students reach their full academic potential, we believe that grades and test scores are only part of the educational process. In partnership with our parents, trustees, and faculty, we developed what is known as our Portrait of a Graduate. We feel these skills - not measured by test scores - develop the whole child and are essential to success in college, the workplace, and life in general. Our educational philosophy, from JPK all the way through high school, centers around developing these skills in and beyond the classroom through hands-on education and experiences only found at EDS. It only takes a brief conversation with any of our graduates to understand the “Day School Difference” of balanced, resilient, globally minded entrepreneurial learners.


Entrepreneurial LearnerGlobally MindedBalancedResilient


Entrepreneurial Learner

  • Embraces intellectual curiosity
  • Asks thoughtful and responsible questions and seeks answers
  • Has a passion for learning beyond assessment
  • Takes ownership of their education as personal journeys
  • Considers learning as a lifetime endeavor
  • Shows flexible, creative, critical thought to tackle tasks or problems
  • Utilizes varied technologies to communicate thoughtfully and meaningfully


Globally Minded

  • Learns about other cultures by respecting differences
  • Seeks to understand values and traditions within the global community
  • Embraces bringing diverse groups together to reach a goal
  • Inclusively and articulately communicates ideas as listeners, speakers, and writers
  • Creates intellectual growth utilizing multiple perspectives
  • Becomes adaptable citizens with the confidence to take initiative



  • Commits to a lifestyle of wellness for themselves and others
  • Manages their time effectively
  • Demonstrates ability to live enriched lives
  • Embraces diverse experiences and continuously reflect on them
  • Considers the consequences of their actions and accept ownership of them
  • Identifies and pursues their strengths and talents while also recognizing and confronting their challenges



  • Possesses a growth mindset
  • Focuses on goals through dedication and hard work
  • Embraces failure and humility as essential steps toward success
  • Follows an ethical framework when faced with challenges
  • Takes calculated risks
  • Communicates collegially by accepting and offering constructive criticism
  • Demonstrates confidence to make difficult personal decisions on their own

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