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Center for Academic Success

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) provides services and continued support to promote student learning and enhance in-class performance. The CAS Director actively works with our faculty, students, and parents to identify individual needs within our student population in order to develop desired personalized learning plans when applicable.  This may be for both a student who demonstrates working above grade level and could benefit from enrichment, as well as for a student who finds himself struggling with particular grade level subject matter.

Specifically for Primary School students, steps may be taken to offer assistance at an individual or small group level.  Coordination among homeroom teachers, specialty teachers, and the CAS Director will determine content, frequency, and schedule of services for a student.  This is communicated with the parent and student to gain their input as well.

CAS in-house services at Day School are offered at no additional cost to the family.  These services are also in continual evaluation to define alterations that need to be made in content, frequency, or schedule.

When a student enters Middle School or Upper School, the CAS director coordinates with individual teachers in those Divisions who will offer specific academic services to the student.  When these services include utilizing an outside resource or securing an individual teacher as a tutor, there may be additional fees for the family.  In the event that a student requires a formalized plan to assist in their academic success due to a learning disability, the Director of the CAS program works as a liaison between EDS and our Public School agency (EVSC) to facilitate any necessary assessments to determine if a child meets criteria for an Individualized Support Plan (ISP).