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Cinco De Mayo at EDS

Mexico and the United States share a border and a long history. Although the two countries have a unique relationship, over the past decade we have enjoyed closer economic and cultural ties than ever before.

In Mexico, more people are learning to speak English, while in the US the #1 spoken global language is Spanish.

Not only do we teach Spanish to students in our schools, but we also encourage them to be open, to discover new cultures, learn about various countries and enjoy the richness of our diversity.

Even here in Indiana we celebrate Mexican holidays, such as Dia de los Muertos, Dia de la Independencia and Cinco de Mayo.

At EDS, we have had lots of educational, fun and memorable activities this week throughout the school.

Below please find a list of activities that took place on our campus:


Ojo de Dios Creation with Mexican Fiesta

Primary and middle school students will be creating Ojo de Dios (Eye of God – in Spanish). The Ojo de Dios is woven with yarn and wood, with several colors. These have been traditionally created for celebration or blessing. In collaboration with 5th grade, 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders created Ojo de Dios during their Spanish classes on Monday and Tuesday. Additionally, middle school students celebrated and hosted a Mexican Fiesta activity with Quesadillas “esquimalitos” (freeze pops). Finally, during all Spanish classes, students participated in Cinco de Mayo story reading activities.


Where in the World is Mexico?

Kindergarten and first grade studentscreated puzzles of a map of Mexico, discovered the secrets of Mexico and reported on their findings.


La Bandera de Mexico

Students in JPK and Pre-K made Mexican flags, while learning the ‘beats of Mexico’ – music and dancing was the highlight for this activity and age group.


Piñata Contest – Time to Vote!

For the past two weeks, Middle school students have been working hard on creating their own (from scratch) piñatas. They worked in the iLab by designing the piñata, gluing it together, and finally on Friday, they decorated their masterpieces.

The Piñatas were on display in the Traylor Atrium on Wednesday and during the morning hours on Thursday. Evansville Day School students, parents, visitors, teachers and staff voted for their top/most favorite piñata. There were over 15 piñatas on display. Then, after the first recess on Thursday, each Primary School received two piñatas (one for A group and another for B group).

Each class then opened their Piñatas OUTSIDE on Thursday –between 3rd and 8th period.


Hands-on Cinco de Mayo Activities to benefit Ecuador

Upper School studentslearned about the Battle of Puebla, listened to mariachi music, made Mexican folk art, and non-alcoholic sangria, and tacos. Other activities included learning the Mexican Hat dance, and selling chips and salsa/ cheese during lunch to raise money for the survivors of the Ecuador earthquake that occurred a couple of weeks ago. In total, they raised $100 to benefit those devasted by the earthquake.


For more photos of the weeks activities, visit our facebook page.