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Day School Senior Projects

Seniors at Evansville Day School spent the last seven school days in an experiential, on-site internship program at various hospitals, schools, and businesses for their Senior Projects. This opportunity allows them to job shadow a professional in the career of their choosing before they enter college. On Friday, May 26 from 9:30 - 11:00 am, each student will have a display in Day School’s Traylor Atrium to showcase what they learned. Students each set up a table with a poster-style presentation to engage individuals and small groups in conversations about their projects. English teacher Corrie Sarol adds, “This type of presentation feels more authentic because the kids get to engage with people on a one-on-one level, which is a skill they need to develop for college and beyond.”

Senior Projects are a long-standing annual tradition at Day School, providing hands-on, experiential education in a way that cannot be demonstrated in a classroom. Alumnus Rob Bernardin 1976 continued to a career in finance after his senior year internship. “I had every intention to go into my father’s family manufacturing business, but the several days spent on my Senior Project in the investment business (now 41 years ago) intrigued me and planted a seed to explore classes on investments and finance. Ultimately, I attended graduate school and found what started as a seed of interest, became a passion which propelled me to interview and accept a position with a Wall Street firm.” A generation later, Bernardin’s youngest son, Joseph, is a Senior at Day School this year. Rob’s advice to his son as he started his Senior Project was, “to pay special attention, because you never know what may come from the experience down the road.”

Student experiences this year have included shadowing a local OBGYN, a drama teacher, the president and CEO of a mortgage firm, an ACLU lawyer in Louisville, and many more. Student presentations will be graded on factors such as verbal skills, visual presentation, and professional appearance. The top student will receive an award at commencement that evening, with a cash prize of $100; however, the collective impact these projects have on the students is priceless.

Senior Projects are a direct reflection of Day School's commitment to developing graduates who are resilient, balanced, globally-minded, entrepreneurial learners, ready to become the global leaders of tomorrow.