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Jose Mota Selected for ISACS Equity and Justice Committee

Congratulations to Jose Mota for being selected to serve on the ISACS (Independent Schools Association of the Central States) Equity and Justice Committee, beginning in the 2016-2017 school year! Members of the ISACS Equity and Justice Committee serve a four-year term. During this term, they fully participate in committee meetings, the ISACS Annual Conference, and the bi-annual ISACS Diversity Summit. According to the ISACS website, the Equity and Justice Committee “provides leadership to the Board of Trustees, staff, and member schools while fostering equity and justice in core values, best practices, and standards of excellence through diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion.” This is a great honor and opportunity for Mr. Mota, and we are excited for his passion for this role.

Mota says, “I chose to apply because I believe [the] educational system should be built around the needs of the local community and not tailored to or administered by large interests that go beyond its [communal] boundaries.” He goes on to say, “So, the question I ask myself then is ‘How do I create an educational experience that fosters equity and excellence in light of our own demographics?’ This, I cannot yet answer, but I am hoping to speak with other individuals who are grappling with the same issue to find out more.”

As Evansville’s only Independent School, Evansville Day School holds ourselves to the high standards required to be an ISACS accredited school. Independent schools differ from other private schools. Although both are privately funded, we are governed by a Board of Trustees, rather than an institution or religious organization. This gives us flexibility to tailor our programming and curriculum around the needs of our students and allows faculty members like Jose Mota to expand on their passion for education through opportunities such as this. To learn more about ISACS and Evansville Day School’s participation in this program, click here.