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Piñata Contest Winners

For two weeks, middle school students worked hard on creating their own (from scratch) piñatas. They worked in the iLab by designing the piñata, gluing it together, and finally on Friday, they decorated their masterpieces. 

The Piñatas were displayed in the Traylor Atrium on Wednesday and during the morning hours on Thursday. Evansville Day School students, parents, visitors, teachers, and staff had the opportunity to vote for their top/most favorite piñata. There were over 15 piñatas on display, and the top three were selected. 

1st place  “El Pez” (The Fish) – 90 votes!  8th grade Spanish 1 students:

  • Ronyah Al-Abed
  • Cecilia Alcock
  • Elayna Zausch

2nd place “Mini Taco” – 67 votes! 7th grade Spanish students:

  • Abigail Lowery
  • Chloe Yune

3rd place “Chile Rojo Picante”  - 62 votes! (Red Hot Chili Pepper) 7th grade Spanish students:

  • Tareq Hamed
  • Muhammad Khan
  • Rayyan Khan

The middle schoolers gave their piñatas to the primary school students to break open on Cinco de Mayo (May 5).