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Prelude to Peace Week

The Cambridge Dictionary defines mindfulness as “The practice of being aware of your body, mind, and feelings in the present moment, thought to create a feeling of calm.” Primary School students at Evansville Day School are learning to use a multitude of techniques to reduce stress, anxiety, and negative emotions. These techniques are supported by current theories in brain research and are found to increase positive emotions and feelings of happiness. One example of a stress-reducing activity was a recent presentation by Day School parent Bianca Snyder and Rebecca Douglas from Tri-State Yoga Studio, who led students in a morning yoga exercise. The practice helped students become more aware of their breathing and their bodies through holding poses.

Raising awareness of self through mindfulness also brings opportunities to raise awareness of the world around us, strengthening connections within the school community, the Evansville community, and globally. As part of International Peace Day on September 21st, students created handmade pinwheels in art and innovation classes through the global initiative “Pinwheels for Peace.” That afternoon, students were mindfully connected to other nations around the world in a visual, public statement about peace. More information about the Pinwheels for Peace program can be found here.

The mindfulness initiative underway at EDS leads up to this year’s “Peace Week.” Unique to Day School, the Primary School will spend one week in March participating in a week-long, interdisciplinary, experiential education week. This year, the division will continue their focus on the theme of Peace. The theme inspires empathy, kindness, compassion and leadership through collaborative, cross-grade level learning, and further reinforces the mindfulness initiative that is underway at EDS. We encourage you to follow the activities throughout the year!