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What E-D-S Means to Me

Written By: 

Nate Phillips with editing by Megan Risewick

Nate Phillips, an EDS Junior, has been an Eagle for 14 years. In his time being a lifer, Nate has not only grown up - but has flourished as a student, person, and athlete. Sports are a vital part of Nate’s life; being a part of Day School’s Varsity soccer, basketball, and golf teams. Here is his reflection on the influence being an EDS student athlete has had on his life thus far:

E - Excellence 

I have always strived to be the best, especially in soccer. I have always felt supported by Coach Dragon, who has been my gym teacher, and now coach from the time I was 3. He is always pushing me to be a better athlete. At EDS, I know I have to work hard to balance my academic goals with my athletic ones. Day School’s challenging academics have ensured that I am always striving and giving 100%. I receive endless support from coaches, teammates, and teachers - and I appreciate how they hold me accountable both in the classroom and on the field. 

D - Determination 

A unique trait about EDS is that you have the opportunity to try new things and be a part of multiple teams. Last year, I picked up golf, and it was my first time playing. From day one, I realized that the sport would be a new challenge, and becoming a better golfer would not be an easy task. Through support from great teammates I was constantly inspired to work hard, staying determined to reach the goals I had for myself. I have found that, in every sport, it's easy to be a determined athlete when the people that build your team and school families are always there to uplift you. 

S - Spirit 

Growing up at the school, I always looked up to the older athletes and spent a lot of time cheering for the high school teams. Especially in middle school, I loved how the whole school came together to cheer on the 2019 girl’s soccer team at Regionals, and the 2018 boy’s basketball team through their Sectional championship. 

Now that I am in high school, I have gotten to experience that same spirit from the other side. The atmosphere at these games is unmatched, and I value the support and love EDS fans bring to every event. My freshman year, our basketball team won Sectionals and it was amazing to see how parents, teachers, classmates, and other teams were all a part of our journey and rooting for our success. 

Evansville Day School has been a second home to me for as long as I can remember. I have built relationships with staff and other students that will last me a lifetime, and I appreciate all the school has given me. Sports has been a constant area of importance and improvement throughout all these years at EDS. This school means a lot to me, and through being a student athlete, I have learned how to strive for excellence, the value of determination, and cherishing the Day School spirit.